Packing Video - FoldNZip Backpack in 3 sizes

Ain't sure which size to do?  Check out Packing Video for the 3 sizes!  Trust me - you need ALL!

Pattern Link - FoldNZip Backpack 

Testers' Makes - FoldNZip Backpack 
FoldNZip Backpack in the Wild!- Check out body shots
Video Tutorial - by @Sew HoneyBea
Link - On-The-Go Pouch
Pattern Link - All New Pollies Purse 

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Materials I used.
Sailor Moon fabric and hardware - Alchemats (2) Alchemats - Materials & Hardware | Facebook

Mando - Ohana Fabrics (2) OhanaFabric 🌺🌺 | Facebook

626 Stitch
Fabric -Backstitch Fabrics (2) BackStitch Fabrics | Facebook
Pulls - The Zip-pah Stop (2) The Zip-pah Stop | Facebook

Hello Kitty - Mommy-with-ink fabric (2) mommy-with-ink fabric shop | Facebook

Unikiki 2 - fabric repurposed from Tokidoki x Jujube bags

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