The Sewfisticated Totepack Convertible & The Odyssey Pack

The Sewfisticated Totepack Convertible


Draw inspiration from the exceptional skills of 19 talented bag makers worldwide! Explore the sewing machines and fabrics they utilized. May their stunning creations ignite your creativity as much as they have mine.



Tester - Emily Sol from the USA, Montana
Shop Link - bewitchedbyem
Sewing Machine used - Juki TL-18QVP
Recommended Skill level - intermediate
Cut and Sewing - 10 hours for the Totepack and 5 hours for the Odyssey Pack
Material used - 

The Hello Kitty vinyl on both bags (and sprinkles) is from Oh So Pretty Custom Fabrics, the polka dot vinyl is from Glitter Bug Fairy, the WPC is from Fabric Wholesale Direct and Siah Swag, some of the hardware was from My Handmade Space

Totepack: Bouncyfirm on the front, back and sides, Decovil Heavy on the base and Pellon Flex Foam in the laptop sleeve.

Odyssey: Decovil light & Insul-Bright for the front and back panels and gusset, and Decovil Heavy & Insul-Bright for the base.

"These are both amazing patterns! I love how the Totepack has so many options for carrying, and so many handy pockets to store all my essentials, and more. The Odyssey came together so smoothly and it’s so cool that you can incorporate your fun clear vinyl into it too! It’s the perfect lunchbox for my daughter and I, and I love that it can hang from the Totepack!"





Tester - Jenn Hoopert-McGinn, Pennsylvania from the USA
Shop Link - 
Jenn's Homemadeology; IG Jennshomemadeology 
Machine used - 
Vintage domestic Sears Kenmore 158.17550
Recommended Skill level -
Totepack advance beginner to intermediate especially if using thicker fabrics. Odyssey pack beginner
Cut and Sew - Tote- cut time: 1 hr 16mins, 5hrs and 45mins (basically 6 since I don’t think I started by clock back up when I went to finish birthing the bag).  Odyssey Pack- cut time: 30mins, 1hr 30mins
Material used - 

Totepack - Trolls mini border print (WPC) from Edenelle fabrics, black marine vinyl and black WPC from fabric wholesale direct, rainbow cheetah print vinyl from J&R Edwards, black 3D Air Mesh from Sewfisticated Supplies.
Stabilizer - Pellon 1sided flex foam and Peltex 70 for the base as the stabilizer.

Odyssey Pack - Trolls mini border from Edenelle fabrics, black twill from SCD supplies, rainbow clear vinyl found on sew that deal, black marine vinyl from fabric wholesale direct.
Stabilizer - Peltex 70 for bottom panel and round the gusset and base gusset, pellon1 sided flex foam for the top panel.



Tester - Yin Ying, Malaysia
Shop Link - Sew Muji
Sewing Machine used - Domestic Juki DX7
Cutting Machine used - Cricut Maker 3

Recommended Skill level - Advanced beginner to intermediate
Cutting/Sewing Time - 10hrs for Totepack and 3 hrs for Odyssey Pack.
Material used - 

Totepack: Exterior Waterproof twill and linen batting, liner 600D.
Odyssey Pack: waterproof twill and insulated foam. Shop from Estika Fabric & Accessories
Stick Eva Foam 2mm



Tester - Karen Tay, Singapore
Shop Link - TK Embroidery
Sewing Machine used - Brother PQ1500SL
Cutting Machine used - Cricut Maker 3

Recommended Skill level - Adventurous Beginner
Cutting/Sewing Time - 8hrs of Sew
Material used - 

Vinyl from ET Stash and Lining from SCD Vibrant Vue with Sewfisive Foam.



Tester - Tara Gulser from the USA, Washington
Shop Link - anythingoffthetrolley; anythingoffthetrolley
Sewing Machine used - juki 1541s, Janome 6700p
Recommended Skill level - advanced beginner
Cut and Sewing - 12 hours (Totepack); 3 hours (Odyssey Pack)
Material used - 

I used woven fabric from backstitch, jelly vinyl and waterproof vinyl from fabric wholesale direct. Zipper tape and sewing thread was from wizardrystitchery, the themed zipper pulls are from a destashing group and the rest of my hardware is from  I only used pixie fuse from Royal Pixie Custom Fabric






Tester - Mui Yan, Singapore
Shop Link - Aderry Craft
Machine used - 
Domestic. Juki HZL-LB5100
Recommended Skill level - Adventurous Beginner to Intermediate
Cut and Sewing - 12-14 hours 
Material used - 

Exterior- RPC cotton canvas, Sewfisticated Lux (wine) and pink waterproof material. Interior: WPC 600D.  Woven interfacing for cotton canvas; Fleece batting from SMH for pink and wine waterproof materials




Tester - Jennifer Morawski, California from the USA
Shop Link - WiredFlutterby
Sewing Machine used - Singer 401A Domestic
Recommended Skill level - Advanced beginner to intermediate for Totepack and beginner for Odyssey Pack
Cut and Sewing - Over 10 hours for totepack, 3 hours for odyssey
Material used - 

Floral Alnk Vinyl from Sewfisticated Supplies.  Decovil light for all panels and Sewfisive Foam Heavy for the base as stabilizer.






Tester - Susi Schuegraf, Mexico
Shop Link - Jungle Pearls
Sewing Machine used - Industrial Juki du 1181n 
Recommended Skill level - Adv beginner, slow and easy for best results
Cut and Sewing - Tote, 2 days sewing,  cutting and prepping, Odyssey is much quicker, maybe 2 hours
Material used - 

Swift vinyl is from Fabric Therapy and Blue vinyl from Moremeknow,
Lining - VibrantVue and Twil from Sewfisticated Supplies and Hex is Sewful Therapy.  
Stabilizer - Sewfisive foam from Sewfisticated Supplies



Tester - Nikki Wendland from the USA, Florida
Shop Link - 3IndecisiveMisfits FB; 3IndecisiveMisfits IG3indecisivemisfits
Sewing Machine used - Vintage 1948 Singer 201-2
Recommended Skill level - Intermediate for the Totepack and Advanced Beginner for the Odyssey
Cut and Sewing - 10 hours for the Totepack (done in 1-2 hour chunks of time so would be less if able to dedicate a full day) and 3 hours for Odyssey
Material used - 

Sunflowers vinyl from Sewfisticated Supplies and the rest from big box stores. 
Stabilizer - Totepack: 1.6mm Adhesive Foam; Odyssey: Insul-bright



Tester - Geraldine Tan, Singapore
Shop Link - Made by Starflakes
Sewing Machine used
 - Domestic, Brother NV180K
Recommended Skill level - Intermediate for Totepack and advanced beginner for Odyssey Pack
Cut and Sew - Totepack - 10h, Odyssey - 5h
Material used - 

Vinyl from Ohana Fabric, VibrantVue from Sewfisticated Supplies.
Stabilizer - Totepack - Decovil light, Odyssey - Sewfisive foam




Tester -
 Gladys Tan, Singapore
Shop Link - Chavanthandmade IGChavanthandmade FB
Machine used -
Semi industrial. Janome HD9
Recommended Skill level - Advanced beginner to intermediate
Cutting/Sewing Time -
Cutting and interfacing 2 hours. Sewing 6 hours
Material used - 

Denim and quilting weight cotton from Brighton Accessories House for exterior. Waterproof canvas for lining.  Equivalent for decovil light.




Tester - Roeshell Arjin, USA
Shop Link - Made by Roeshell
Machine used - 
Domestic, husqvarna rose 605
Recommended Skill level - Intermediate to Advanced
Cut and Sew - 5 hours
Material used - 

Pochacco print is Therxtex from Fabric Therapy. The pink and blue fabric is ottertex waterproof canvas. For stabilizer I used Peltex 70 and Sewfisive sew in foam.


Tester - Connie Laquitara, Florida from the USA
Shop Link - Crafts and Quilts by Connie
Machine used -
heavy duty domestic - Janome HD 3000
Recommended Skill level - adventurous beginner for both due to quantity of pattern pieces and thickness levels.
Cutting/Sewing Time -
The tote bag was much longer than the odyssey. The Odyssey took about 4-5 hours total and the Tote took around 8-10 hours total. (These are pretty wide estimates because I multitask. It also takes longer to test a pattern because I’m looking for grammatical errors, flow and labeling instead of just focusing on the bags
Material used - 

I used materials from Shak’s Craft Supplies (Marbled material is Hydro-Reminisce fabric and the Black is the Smooth Black Vinyl. I used WPC for the interior. Hardware is from all over.

I used insulbrite (and Peltex for the bottom only) for the Odyssey. I used foam for the laptop sleeve in the tote pack but nothing else as the materials are already stable

"I think you did an awesome job! Your pattern is very detailed and easy to follow. I think it may be intimidating for beginners just because the quantity of pieces (even though your break everything down into very manageable steps). The Odyssey is fewer pieces and goes together quickly. I love how you have so many options available, and the versatility is truly unparalleled by other designers. Well done! <3"


Tester - Debbie Leclair, Ontario from the USA
Machine used - I used my Bother PQ1500 industrial and my Brother Dream machine domestic
Recommended Skill level - Intermediate and beyond.
Cutting/Sewing Time -
5 days for the Tote and 2 days for the Odyssey Pack
Material used - 

Exterior - Vinyl, cotton and Black Denim. 
Interior and stabilizer - woven Presto for the cotton lining and Pellon 525


Tester - Breana Mayfield from Tennessee, USA
Shop Link - bmbcreativity
Machine used -
 Industrial Juki 1541S
Recommended Skill level - Confident Beginner for the Odyssey and intermediate for the Totepack
Cut and Sew - 5 hours for the Odyssey and 12 hours for the Tote
Material used - 

Totepack: Vinyl exterior from Beauty and the Geek and WPC from Do or Dye with decovil light and heavy.

Odyssey: WPC exterior from Do or Dye and solid WPC interior. All hardware from Wawak with decovil heavy.



Tester - Julie Trout, Ohio from the USA
Machine used - Domestic Janome 2212
Recommended Skill level - Advanced beginner or intermediate
Cutting/Sewing Time -
Tote pack - maybe 4 hours; Odyssey - maybe 3
Material used - 

Denim and quilt cotton from my stash; Protuff WPC.
I didn’t use any except Sf101, and also Peltex for the base of the Tote pack (but I wish I did use some - it’s too slouchy from the weight of the bag); for the Odyssey I used SF101 and 2 layers of insulbrite.




Tester - Joanne Rush, Australia
Shop Link - Onlinebagsupplies
Machine used -
Industrial - pro sew 033d
Recommended Skill level - Intermediate - I think with the binding on a zipper and the tote it would be intermediate
Cutting/Sewing Time -
Tote - cut out 45 minutes - sew 4 hours, odyssey cut 25 minutes sew 2.5 hours
Material used - 

Online bag supplies fabrics and hardware - tote marine vinyl, 600d wpc for exterior and 420d wpc for interior. Odyssey 600d wpc for exterior and 420d for interior. The only interfacing/stabiliser I used was my self adhesive fleece.




Tester - Loriann Marold MacLean
Machine used - Industrial
Recommended Skill level - intermediate
Cutting/Sewing Time -
 16 hours
Material used - 

Vinyl and WPC with Decovil.


Tester - Donna M Vogel, Rhode Island from the USA
Shop Link - Once Upon a Fiber Shop
Machine used - 
Juki 1541s
Recommended Skill level - intermediate
Cutting/Sewing Time -
 12 hours
Material used - 

Vinyl from your vinyl source, waterproof canvas, Amazon, zipper zipper poles, clips, D rings all of the other hardware Amazon. Decovil heavy decovil light self adhesive foam. FS 101.


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