Pixie Hamburger Project Box

About FoldNZip

FoldNZip Backpack was inspired by my daughter's schoolbag 6 months ago. Thank you for the overwhelming response and love for the unique FoldNZip concept. Recently, my daughter is into warm food that needs to be put into a Thermal Lunch Box. She asked for something similar like her FoldNZip Backpack. The timing is just right!

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FoldNZip Pixie

Months ago, I collaborated with Royal Pixie Custom Fabric for an exclusive pattern for their in-house "Burger" theme fabric. FoldNZip lunch bag is perfect! Yes, that's how FoldNZip Pixie name came about.

It is not the usual lunch bag - it is foldable; just like FoldNZip Backpack. Furthermore, it can be used just like normal crossbody bag for both little ones and adults. Very versatile usage.

This is an exclusive pattern and a collaboration of 6 small shops. 

Check out over at Royal Pixie Custom Fabric now.

It will be available on SCD website after the LIMITED subscription boxes are sold out OR from 12th January 2023!  

WHY FoldNZip Pixie?

  • Fabric piecing instructions - your creativity at its best!
  • Full zipper for easy access
  • FOLD flat with a BASE - easy storage and best for traveling
  • Versatile usage - Lunch bag, Toiletry bag or Crossbody bag
  • Pockets galore for better organization
    • Front and back zipper pockets
    • Back and inner slip pockets
    • 2 elastic side pockets
  • Key Leash
  • Flap handle for easy handling, especially on little hands.
  • Perfect to showcase Full Panel Print!
  • Perfect Travel Bag - Anti-Theft with main pocket zipper pulls just right at your back!
  • Perfect for ALL ages from toddler, kids, teens to adults from all walks of life.
  • Video tutorial by Sew HoneyBea.


Perfect as a Craft Bag to store your sewing notions.


Pixie as a Lunch Box.
Thermal Lunch box, Snack Box, a 8oz and 12oz Drink in the Box, 12oz Snack in the Box, with cutlery secured in the Mesh Pocket.

Pixie as a Crossbody Bag/Convertible Backpack.
8oz Drink in the Box, 12oz Snack in the Box, Pollies Purse, Trio (Small), Card Holder and mobile phone.


Pixie as a Grab & Go Purse.
Water bottle, Card Holder, Notebook, Car key and mobile phone.

FoldNZip Backpack and Pixie

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