About US

Welcome to Sewfisticated!

I'm Jassie, a full-time bag maker, pattern designer, and single mother to my 7-year-old princess, Charlotte.

I am incredibly grateful for the support of the sewing community over the past 13 months, during which I've released 11 sewing patterns. Before diving into pattern designing, I spent almost 3 years as a custom bag maker, known to some as the Jujube x Tokidoki custom bag maker. Sewing has taken me out of my comfort zone, becoming an integral part of my life—I live and breathe my creations, pouring my heart into every stitch 24/7! Exploring different fabrics, notions, and styles within each pattern has been an exciting journey. The joy of seeing my handmade creations cherished by loved ones and customers drives me to continually improve in pattern designing.

I am forever grateful to YOU for supporting my custom handmade business and helping to sustain my passion for crafting.

Join us at Sewfisticated Craft Designs (SCD) Group, exclusively for bag makers—a space for sharing sewing tips, tricks, and camaraderie. Sewing can be therapeutic yet solitary, but thanks to technology, social media connects crafters worldwide, providing a platform to showcase our creations, support one another, and form lasting friendships.

Thank you for your continued support and stay safe!

With Love, Jassie & Charlotte
October 2022