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Please join us at Sewfisticated Craft Designs (SCD) Family exclusively for bag makers - fun loving and sharing of sewing tips and tricks. Sewing is very therapeutic yet can be a lonely journey. Thanks to the technology, social media is a great source for crafters worldwide to gather virtually and share our makes, the ups and downs. A perfect space to show off your SCD creations, ask questions, inspire each other and make new friends.

Please share your creations to social media and use the hashtags for us to see your lovely makes easier.
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The Sewfisive Foam!

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    Check out the new Sewfisive Foam! Possibly the ONLY stabilizer that you will need for your bag-making supplies! This is my go-to now!

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  • Bag Making Bees Project Boxes!

    Sew along with Jess on the SnapN'Go Duffle Bag, Bag Making Bees Project Boxes! by Wonderground Fabrics

    Let's Make the SnapN'Go Duffle Bag with Jess! 
  • ZipN'Travel Backpack (NEW)

    The Magic Bag - I'm Small yet Mighty backpack is LIVE now!

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    The Magic Backpack! 
  • ZipN'Travel Backpack

    Be inspired by the 20 amazing talented bag makers around the globe!

    Check out what sewing machine and fabric that they used.  Hope you are as inspired as I am by their beautiful creations.

    Testers' Makes 
  • NEW Bi-Monthly Share-Your-Make Challenge

    Sewing is a therapeutic hobby, yet it can also be a lonely journey.

    Share your lovely make to SCD FB group and and stand to win gift cards from small shops!

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  • The Sewfisticated Sassy

    Pattern is LIVE now!

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  • Sewfisticated Packing Cubes

    Incorporating Sewfisticated Xpandable Zipper technique to create 4 sizes and 2 versions.

    Launching on 14th March 2023 7pm EST

    Testers' Makes

    My Inspirations

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SAL with Jess on the SnapN'Go Duffle Bag, Bag Making Bees Project Boxes!

SAL with Sew HoneyBea on the ZipN'Travel Backpack!

SAL with Kassiah on The Sewfisticated Sassy!

Sew along All New Pollies Purse with Jessica Rush from Oklaroots

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