Smart Travel with ZipN'Travel Backpack


The Magic Bag! I'm Small yet Mighty is back!
From SnapN'Go series to ZipN'Travel now.

SnapN'Go Duffle Bag and Xpandable SnapN'Go Tote Bag patterns were well-received, and many members requested for a Backpack in the similar style.

I had a slip disc injury during my younger days. This has influenced my backpack preferences. I cannot carry a structured backpack for long without feeling the strain on my slipped disc. This ZipN'Travel Backpack has no structure and amazingly, perfect for my back! I wore it during my recent vacation and came back with no back aches.

With the ZipN'Travel Backpack, you can easily fold your backpack into the built-in zipper pouch. Yes, including the padded backpack straps.

ZipN'Travel Backpack is designed for both young children and adults in mind.  There are TWO backpack straps length included in the pattern. D ring hooks, a perfect addition for hikers and travelers, can also be added to the straps.



ZipN'Travel Backpack is fully lined with pockets galore for better organization.  You can also jazz it up with different fabric bases to turn it into a Normal Backpack.  3 different methods of finishing the backpack - serger, binding and birthing can be used.  The pattern instructions use the birthing method through the Panel Linings and close the opening through the Zipper Pocket Linings.


WHY ZipN'Travel Backpack?

  • Customize your own ZipN'Travel Backpack or just normal Backpack with no fabric limitations
  • ZipN'Travel Pouch
    • Foldable with a built in zipper pouch
    • Great for storage or travel
  • Elastic Side Pockets for good size water bottle
  • Padded Backpack Straps
    • 2 strap length (Regular and Extended)
    • Durability and Comfort for extended wear
    • 2 D Rings - great for hikers
  • Pocket Galore for better organization
    • 4 Zipper Pockets
    • 2 Slip/Divider Pockets
    • 1 Zipper Pouch
  • Advanced Beginner/Intermediate
  • Compact and light-weight
  • Domestic Machine Friendly
  • SVG Files
  • Projector File
  • Video Tutorial by Sew HoneyBea




You will need to have a pair of reversible/double-sided pulls for the ZipN'Travel Backpack. Below list where the Testers have gotten their pulls.

NOTE - You can still make the Normal Backpack with normal zipper pull.

 Disclaimer - SCD has no affiliation on any of the below shops.

  1. Amazon USA
  2. Amazon USA
  3. Amazon USA
  4. Amazon USA
  5. Amazon USA
  6. Seattle Fabrics
  7. Amazon CA
  8. Amazon AU
  9. Shopee SG
  10. Taobao China


As usual, new pattern giveaway prior to the launch.  Be sure to check it over at the SCD Facebook Group.


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