The Sewfisticated Travelnizer

Travel Smart, Be Organized!
The PERFECT Organizer Bag for your Traveling & Crafting Needs!



Sewing Machine used - Juki semi-industrial TL2200QVP Mini
Material used - supplies from Sewfisticated Supplies
Main Fabric - WPC Rapport and Clear Vinyl PVC 0.5mm. Waterproof Twill Fabric for lining and piping tape.  The Sewfisive Foam Light (a self-adhesive foam) as the stabilizer.  Zipper, seat belt webbing, mesh fabric and Bias Tape - 7/8" (2.2 cm).



Be inspired by the 18 amazing talented bag makers around the globe! Check out what sewing machine and fabric that they used.  Hope you are as inspired as I am by their beautiful creations.


Tester - Meg Loven, Central Midwest from the USA
Shop Link - Lovensews
Sewing Machine used - Vintage Domestic (1964) White 769
Recommended Skill level - High Intermediate
Cut and Sew - 10 hours
Material used - 

Clear Vinyl: Watercolor Floral PVC Border from Purple Dragon Fabrics; Exterior: Embossed Lavender Vinyl from Purple Dragon Fabrics; Hanging Panel Exterior: Purple Waterproof Canvas from Wonderground Fabrics; Lining: Lavender Jelly Vinyl from Purple Dragon Fabrics; Heart Punch and Castle Key Zipper Pulls from Purple Dragon Fabrics; Handmade Tag from Sew Many Creations NY; Zipper Tape, Webbing and FOE from Amazon.  Decovil Light on the Main Exterior Panels

"The Travelnizer is one of those, "Wow, I made that!" kind of projects - a truly impressive bag that comes together beautifully. My favorite part? The center pockets fit toiletries beautifully - or tuck in your ears to keep them protected and ready for travel!"



Tester - Jenn Hoopert-McGinn, Pennsylvania from the USA
Shop Link - 
Jenn's Homemadeology; IG Jennshomemadeology 
Machine used - 
Vintage domestic Sears Kenmore 158.17550
Recommended Skill level -
 Intermediate to advanced for those using a domestic machine that has a hard time handling bulk
Cut and Sew - 9 hours 
Material used - 

Sprinkles Party PVC and WPC a long with sky blue webbing, teal mesh and Sewfisive Foam from Sewfisticated Supplies, pink wpc from Nerdartistry.  Sewfisive Foam (self-adhesive) Light for panels and Heavy for the gussets


"This bag is amazing! It’s another wow I can’t believe that I made this bag, Since this pattern doesn’t follow the normal assembly of bags it is a truly trust the process kind of bag that I really enjoy putting together."



Tester - Sam Harris, NSW from Australia
Shop Link - Made by Erillant; Made by Erillant (IG)
Machine used -
 Domestic/Vintage - Singer 201K
Recommended Skill level - Intermediate- just because of the bulk, adventurous beginner IF you are good at following instructions carefully
Cut and Sew - 5-6 hours
Material used -

Exterior WPC from Fabric Wonderland in Australia, PVC Clear Vinyl from Passion. Lining is Sewfisticated Twill, mesh fabric and Sewfisive Foam Light (stabilizer) from Sewfisticated Supplies.

"This is such an amazing pattern! Throughout the process, I kept questioning it, but it turned out beautifully and looks absolutely stunning! It's so much roomier then expected, I can fit sooo much in it! It's a challenging but super fun sew, challenging in that you really have to pay attention to the instructions and follow it properly, but if you do, it's a super fun and satisfying sew with the most amazing end result! I literally sent videos of my make to all my family because I was so beyond proud of this gorgeous bag❤️."



Tester - Andrea Graham
Shop Link - Addie Kakes Kreations VIP Group
Sewing Machine used - Thor GC1541S industrial
Recommended Skill level - Intermediate/comfortable with binding
Cut and Sew - 12 hours 
Material used -

SCD twill and twill tape (lavender/purple), Vinyl and clear PVC prints from Oh So Pretty Custom Fabric. Stabilizer used is Bosal Foam.

"Ready for a bag making workout? Get those arms ready and whip up the coolest hanging toiletry bag in town! Great addition to the SCD travel bags."




Tester - Breana Mayfield from Tennessee, USA
Shop Link - bmbcreativity
Machine used -
 Industrial Juki 1541S
Recommended Skill level - Intermediate
Cut and Sew - 8 hours 
Material used - 

Exterior: WPC from Nerdartistry. Interior: Gray Twill and black mesh from Sewfisticated Supplies. Bee TPU vinyl from Amazon.  Pellon Flex Foam as the stabilizer.

"TThe Travelnizer is an excellent accessory for organizing all your items on the go! Whether it’s beauty/hygiene products or craft supplies, everything will be kept beautifully stored. This is an extremely rewarding make that will have your saying “I can’t believe I did that!”"




Tester - Lyn Browne
Sewing Machine used - Juki TL-18 QVP Haruka
Recommended Skill level - Intermediate
Cut and Sew - 8-10 hours 
Material used -

Exterior and interior - Rust WPC from Wonderground Fabrics, Sunflower Kisses TPU from Fabric Therapy, Black/White strips Peel n Bind - 1" Self Adhesive Binding from Fabric Therapy, Bee and Butterfly pulls, Caramel zipper tape Vintage Daisy 1” webbing from Zipper Valley.  Therxfuse Foam self-adhesive non-woven interfacing from Fabric Therapy

"The Travelnizer is a great bag for traveling by boat, land or sea. The structure is just enough to make your feel like your items are secure but flexible enough to fit all your needs and more. It’s such a great bag it can be used beyond your toiletries, great for your crafting or sewing needs or a catch all bag for your kids toys while traveling. The possibilities are endless. The bag is a 10 out of 10. My biggest advice is trusting the process. Jassie will not steer you wrong."


Tester - Mui Yan, Singapore
Shop Link - Aderry Craft
Machine used - 
Domestic. Juki HZL-LB5100
Recommended Skill level - Intermediate
Cut and Sewing - 5-6 hours
Material used - 

Exterior: Custom print fabric from Sewfisticated Supplies with medium-weight stabilizer, pink waterproof material (own supply)

"Another awesome pattern from Sewfisticated. Very well thought through pattern with detailed steps and pictures. The Travelnizer offers huge storage capacity - it's like a mini luggage!! 




Tester - Gladys Tan, Singapore
Shop Link - Chavanthandmade IGChavanthandmade FB
Machine used - 
Heavy duty domestic. Janome HD3000
Recommended Skill level - Advanced beginner
Cutting/Sewing Time -
 3 hours for each make
Material used - 

Petite - nylon and WPC210D for exterior waterproof twill, mesh, bias tape for interior from Sewfisticated Supplies

Regular - nylon and polycanvas for exterior. Wpc for lining. 3D mesh fabric, bias tape with the Sewfisive Foam Light from Sewfisticated Supplies. Zip pull from Zipper Paradise.

"The name of the bag does not even begin to cover how awesome this design is. Jassie has outdone herself again! There are so many ways to customize the pattern for your needs - there is nothing this bag cannot do! This bag is truly a quick and very therapeutic sew during a very hectic week. It is packed with pictures and great tips throughout the pattern. Be sure to grab yours! 


Tester - Chia Broussard, Florida from the USA
Shop Link - D&Q Customs
Machine used - 
Brother Innovis Essence VM5200
Recommended Skill level - Intermediate 
Cut and Sew - 8 hours 
Material used - 

Exterior Print: designer is Karamfila printed on boardshort by LBK Fabric, panel is PUL with an HTV cut out, interior is WPC. Hardware, zipper tape and webbing is from Gigil Zips & Pulls.  Printed is TPU from Fabric Therapy & non printed is PVC.  I used SF101 on all parts of boardshort & PUL, and Fusible Fleece on the exterior/zipper gusset

"This pattern is a feel good, WOW I made this pattern. It was not a quick sew, but an absolutely satisfying one. I can't wait to take this bag everywhere with me. The variety of pocket options allows for ultimate customizability, and Jassie really thought of everything in this bag. I also love how it is designed for travel, but can be used for so many other purposes. Already planning out my next craft case using this pattern as the base.



Tester - Geraldine Tan, Singapore
Shop Link - Made by Starflakes
Sewing Machine used
 - Domestic, Brother NV180K
Recommended Skill level - Intermediate
Cut and Sew - 10 hours
Material used - 

Vinyl and clear TPU 0.5mm vinyl from Backstitch.  No stabilizer used.

 "The Travelnizer is such a useful bag with lots of pockets. Instructions are clear with lots of pictures to help visual learners. Although it has quite a bit of binding, but its so satisfying when you have completed the bag! Now I'm all set for my next trip with my Stitch Travelnizer 😍."



Tester - Trisha Andrade, Florida from the USA
Shop Link - ebbandflow4
Sewing Machine used - Domestic. Old cheap project runway brother
Recommended Skill level 
Cut and Sew - 8 hours
Material used -

I used cotton woven from joanns. My clear PVC vinyl was bought off of a buy sale trade page. I interfaced all my cotton woven pieces with sf101. I used peltex 71 for my stabilizer.

"This bag is a fantastic travel bag. It is perfect for packing toiletries, makeup, and jewelry all in one. I love the overall design and organization that it has. ."



Tester - Karen Tay, Singapore
Shop Link - TK Embroidery
Sewing Machine used - Brother PQ1500SL
Recommended Skill level - Advanced
Cutting/Sewing Time - 6.5 hours
Material used - 

My Melody Water Resistant Fabric and TPU, Light Pink Twill Lining and Sewfisive Foam Light Stabilizer from Sewfisticated Supplies

"Magical Pattern! I got scared by the number of binding required. However, it’s really a good practice and the result is definitely worth the effort!!"



Tester - Susi Schuegraf, Mexico
Shop Link - Jungle Pearls
Sewing Machine used - Bernina 790 and Juki dn 118
Recommended Skill level - Intermediate due to binding and layers
Cut and Sewing - 10 hours
Material used - 

Exterior MPB, PVC Clear Vinyl from Sewfisticated Supplies and binding tape from Sewful Therapy.  Stabilizer using Sewfisive Foam Light

"What an amazing pattern, the details are incredible!"


Tester - Jennifer Morawski, California from the USA
Shop Link - WiredFlutterby
Sewing Machine used - Domestic brother XR3340
Recommended Skill level - Intermediate 
Cut and Sewing - 10 hours
Material used - 

Nerdartistry Punk rock skelecorn clear TPU vinyl + WPC, Oh So Pretty purple CW, Stabilizer using Sewfisive Foam Light.

"What a fun bag! It’s like a puzzle that ends up coming together so nicely for that perfect fit. The size and compartments are exactly what you need for travel and much more. I’m so excited for this new pattern, its a great gift for family and friends."



Tester - Stacey Parsons, Michigan from the USA
Shop Link - Stacey Sews
Machine used -
 Domestic. Singer heavy duty.
Recommended Skill level - Intermediate to experienced
Cut and Sew - 8 hours
Material used - 

WRC, clear TPU vinyl. WRC is from J & R Edwards, the vinyl is from Itchin' to get stitching. 

"I love how quickly each part came together. This is a versatile bag, that can be used for my things. Trust the process, and it goes together beautifully!"



Tester - Chris Becki Chlanda Gillihan, California from the USA
Shop Link - Becki G
Sewing Machine used - Industrial Consew 226RB
Recommended Skill level - Intermediate to advanced if using vinyl exterior
Cut and Sewing - Cut & fuse 1.5 hrs sewing 10 hours
Material used - 

Blue vinyl from Bo De Oh with iron on transfers from AliExpress. WPC lining, rainbow zip tape & rainbow zips.  I used used Decovil light on both exterior vinyl panels plus on exterior vinyl side panels.

"It's a rewarding & amazing make! So many uses for this! I plan to use this weekend for a quilt retreat and then turn around and use for our vacation to hold my personal items and jewelry. I think it's a fantastic gift idea for anyone including children! What a fabulous bag for their toys, books, even a snack, etc when on the go! It's a brilliant pattern and I WILL be making many more! "


Tester - Tammy Richard, New York from the USA
Shop Link - Basic Bows
Sewing Machine used - juki 2010q
Recommended Skill level intermediate, because of all the binding
Cut and Sew - 6-7 hours
Material used -

Fabric and clear TPU vinyl are from @DGfdesigns, using Decovil Light. 

"An amazing pattern.  I learned to do binding better and to always double check pictures and trust in the pattern designer."


Tester - Crystal Lee, CA from the USA
Shop Link - c.yasumi.sews
Sewing Machine used - Domestic Singer HD 4452
Recommended Skill level intermediate
Cut and Sew - 15 hours
Material used -

Print fabric (mouse and glitter) cotton woven from DGF designs. Solid pink WPC and blue cordura. Holo is PVC, clear vinyl is 12 gauage. Sf101 on CW. Decovil light for stabilizer pieces. I did not use stabilizer for the side pieces, as the cordura was pretty stiff.

"I've been wanting a travel bag like this, so I was super excited to see this pattern! It's perfect! It is important to read and understand the instructions first, so you know which pieces go where. There is an incredibly helpful diagram in the instructions that will help you cut the correct pieces! All the binding challenged me, but practice makes perfect! I am already planning my next one!"


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