The Voyageur Cube

The PERFECT Carry-All Bag for Any Occasion!


Be inspired by the 15 amazing talented bag makers around the globe! Check out what sewing machine and fabric that they used.  It brings me immense joy to realize that the initial inspiration behind the pattern has evolved beyond its original purpose.  Hope you are as inspired as I am by their beautiful creations.


Tester - Sew HoneyBea
YouTube Link - Sew HoneyBea; Sew HoneyBea IG
Sewing Machine used - 
Juki DU-1181N
Recommended Skill level 
Material used -

Both versions - Oh So Pretty Custom Fabric, Joanns and Sewfisticated Supplies

"I couldn't resist making a full set of these. Now I have the full set of luggage : ) I used the Sewfisticated Mesh, and Sewfisive Light Stabilizer for this project and it is a Game Changer for me. It made putting this together go together so much more quickly."



Tester - Andrea Graham
Shop Link - Addie Kakes Kreations VIP Group
Sewing Machine used - Thor GC1541S industrial
Recommended Skill level - Advanced beginner f
Cut and Sew - 4-5 hours 
Material used -

Petite - HP vinyl by oh so pretty / brown mora from Emmaline. Waterproof canvas lining.
Regular  - 3D mesh from SCD, waterproof canvas. Barbie print is from a shop that is no longer in business. PUL lining
Stabilizer - self-adhesive foam from Sewfisticated Supplies for the Petite. Headliner foam in the large.

"Versatile pattern that you can sew up fairly quickly. Great for travel or dress it up and make it a fun backpack and/or crossbody! Great skill builder if considering the fold n zip backpack."



Tester - Jenn Hoopert-McGinn, Pennsylvania from the USA
Shop Link - 
Jenn's Homemadeology; IG Jennshomemadeology 
Machine used - 
Vintage domestic Sears Kenmore 158.17550
Recommended Skill level -
Adventures beginner as this is a pattern to help build skills
Cut and Sew - 3 hours average
Material used - 

Petite - exterior- cars cw and from joanns and black marine vinyl from fabric wholesale direct. Interior- black outdoor fabric from Joann’s.  No stabilizer used. 

Regular exterior- beachcrest onyx outdoor fabric from Joann’s. Interior- black wpc from fabric wholesale direct and teal mesh from Sewfisticated Supplies.  Pellon flex foam and fleece insulation.

"I love a great versatile pattern that is easy to not only assemble but one that easy to customize. This pattern is just that! I was able to make a small one with no stabilizer that is great for my kids shoes when travel and it still has pockets for some toys and mesh pockets for socks! And with the same pattern just a little simplified panel wise and added flex foam with fleece insulation I was able to make a regular size as a wine bag! Talk about a great travel bag."




Tester - 
Geraldine Tan, Singapore
Shop Link - Made by Starflakes
Sewing Machine used
 - Domestic, Brother NV180K
Recommended Skill level - Advanced Beginner 
Cut and Sew - 6h for 3 piece petite, 3h for clear vinyl regular
Material used - 

Petite - Laminated fabric with vinyl.  Bias tape, Sewfisive Foam (light and heavy) from Sewfisticated Supplies

Regular Clear Clear vinyl from ET sewing stash, 3D foam, mesh, bias tape tape, Sewfisive Foam from Sewfisticated Supplies


"The travel cubes are so cute. The pattern has lots of pockets and you can use it as a shoe bag or make it into a backpack. The pattern is so versatile, and you can customize it for different uses. I made a clear vinyl regular size for my boy to keep his taekwondo sparring guards and he loves it so much!"




Tester - Sam Harris, NSW from Australia
Shop Link - Made by Erillant; Made by Erillant (IG)
Machine used -
 Domestic/Vintage - Singer 201K
Recommended Skill level - Adventurous Beginner
Cut and Sew - About 2.5 hours for the regular and petite and about 1.5 hour for the clear.
Material used -

Petite - exterior waterproof canvas from Harry's fabric palace, vinyl from passion for vinyl, hardware from aliexpress and Sewfisive Foam (light) from Sewfisticated Supplies

Petite Clear - clear vinyl from Aliexpress, quilted vinyl from passion for vinyl, mesh and bias tape from Sewfisticated Supplies, hardware from Aliexpress

Regular - exterior Canvas and Vinyl from Material magic, internal 600D waterproof canvas from Aliexpress, hardware from Aliexpress and insul fleece for the regular

"Absolutely loved this pattern, super fun make, but once again a really versatile pattern that allows the maker to customise easily as they wish with instructions included to help even the newest of beginners. I love how it can be made in all different fabric bases and all different stabiliser options. This is truly a fun, easy and versatile bag. I love it!"





Tester - Mui Yan, Singapore
Shop Link - Aderry Craft
Machine used - 
Domestic. Juki HZL-LB5100
Recommended Skill level - Beginner (Birthing)
Cut and Sewing - 2 hours on the average
Material used - 

Petite - waterproof material from local store; Interior: Waterproof twill lining, mesh and bias tape, Sewfisive Foam from Sewfisticated Supplies

Petite Clear - Clear vinyl - printed and non printed

Regular - Exterior: waterproof material from local store and 3D mesh from SCD; Interior: waterproof twill lining, mesh and bias tape from Sewfisticated Supplies. No stabilizer.

"The Sewfisticated Voyageur Cube is perfect for so many uses: shoe bag, packing cube, wine bag and so much more! You can vary the options according to your own needs too! 😍



Tester - Ryan Pollock, California from the USA
YouTube Link - Creative Sister Designs Etsy; Creative Sister Designs IG
Sewing Machine used - Juki DU-1541
Recommended Skill level -
Cut and Sew - Petite took 4 hrs the regular was a unique sew made larger and into a picnic bag and that took a whopping 7hours
Material used -

Binding - exterior canvas from oh so pretty, interior: waterproof canvas Zipper tape from Indolove kreation, pulls from a destash, stabilized with fusible fleece.

Birthing - The regular 3panel bag exterior: cotton woven print from hobby lobby, vinyl is a acids wash black vinyl from fabric fun house, zipper tape and webbing from Indo love kreations, other hardware from Amazon seller Craftmore. Interior: cotton woven from hobby lobby, fold over elastic and mesh from Amazon.

All CW fused with SF101, side panels fused additionally with foam, front panel with decovil light and pack panel with sewfuse. Exterior bottom side panel with WPC ottertex from discount fabrics.

"This bag is so versatile. You can truly make it to serve any purpose you made need. The petite is the perfect shoe bag, kids over night bag, roller skate bag, pool bag or even a lunch bag. The regular can be made into a shoe bag, pool bag, a PICNIC bag, ice skate bag a DIAPER BAG😮 and so many other great bags."





Tester - Thien Ai Hartop, New Hampshire from the USA
Shop Link - NinjaMombieCrafts IGNinjaMombieCrafts FBNinjaMombieCrafts Group 
Sewing Machine used - Domestic Singer HD 44S 
Recommended Skill level Advanced beginner
Cut and Sew - 45 min to cut, 5 hours to sew
Material used -

Petite - Fabric therapy Pink Rio Lollipop and coordinate wpc exterior, 8.7 oz ripstop from FWD, with Sewfisive Foam (light and heavy) from Sewfisticated Supplies

Regular - Fabric therapy WpC in the Rio Lollipop and stars coordinate. Interior was 8.7 oz ripstop with sewfisticated mesh fabric.  No stabilizer. 

"The Petite Voyageur Cube is perfect no matter what life journey you’re on. Use it for shoes, a lunch bag, or a bottle/diaper changing bag! So many uses for this great sized bag! It sews up so quick and so easy on a domestic machine! I love this little bag!  The Regular size easily pack your shoes up to go or step out with a wine cooler to hang out with some friends. Need a doll carrier for your little one? This is the bag. Such a great size for multiple uses. "



Tester - Breana Mayfield from Tennessee, USA
Shop Link - bmbcreativity
Machine used - 
Domestic. Brother SE425
Recommended Skill level - Beginner 
Cut and Sew - Petite: 6-8 hours Regular: 8-10 hours
Material used - 

Both versions - Exterior is Black Fluidity and White Fluidity from MyPunkbroidery. Interior is WRC from Do or Dye fabrics. All hardware/zipper tape/zipper pulls from Wawak.

Stabilizer Petite: no stabilizer. Regular: Pellon Flex Foam.

"The Voyageur Tote is a must have for anyone on the go! It was designed to hold shoes but it has so many other applications! I’m using my petite to hold all of my switch games (because kids lose the tiny cases) and my regular will be used for shoes. This pattern is very well written, the pictures are clear, and everything comes together exactly as it is shown in the pictures! It’s made for a variety of fabrics and both domestic & industrial machines. It’s a beautiful project truly designed for everyone!"



Tester - Amy Halbrooks, Rhode Island from the USA
Shop Link - seastitcheshandmade; seastitcheshand FB
Sewing Machine used - Juki tl2000qi and Juki 1541s
Recommended Skill level - Advanced Beginner 
Cut and Sew - About 2-4 hours depending on fabric bases and interfacing used
Strap Length for Webbing B - 40" (Birthing), 45" (Binding)
Height of the Wearer - 3’10 and 5’8
Phone for the Slip Pocket - iPhone Pro Max
Material used -

Petite - Wednesday is Therxtex from Fabric Therapy

Petite - exterior from Wonderground fabrics; Zipper - indolovekreation; WPC exterior - FWD; Interior - 3D Mesh, binding, and twill lining is all Sewfisticated Supplies 

Regular - Bananas are Ruby Star, WPC from FWD, Zipper Tape from Indo Love Kreation

Stabilizer SF101 and Pellon Flex Foam

"Fun and super functional! Jassie is a genius with all her amazing travel patterns. These are so amazing for traveling or just storing, and why not do it in style!"





Tester - Gladys Tan, Singapore
Shop Link - Chavanthandmade IGChavanthandmade FB
Machine used - 
Heavy duty domestic. Janome HD3000
Recommended Skill level - Advanced beginner
Cutting/Sewing Time -
 3 hours for each make
Material used - 

Petite - nylon and WPC210D for exterior waterproof twill, mesh, bias tape for interior from Sewfisticated Supplies

Regular - nylon and polycanvas for exterior. Wpc for lining. 3D mesh fabric, bias tape with the Sewfisive Foam from Sewfisticated Supplies. Zip pull from Zipper Paradise.

"The name of the bag does not even begin to cover how awesome this design is. Jassie has outdone herself again! There are so many ways to customize the pattern for your needs - there is nothing this bag cannot do! This bag is truly a quick and very therapeutic sew during a very hectic week. It is packed with pictures and great tips throughout the pattern. Be sure to grab yours! 



Tester - Karen Tay, Singapore
Shop Link - TK Embroidery
Sewing Machine used - Brother PQ1500SL
Recommended Skill level - Beginner 
Cutting/Sewing Time - 30mins Cut | 3.5 - 4.5hrs Sew
Material used - 

Petite - Gudetama Vinyl - Bombsheller, Polyester Lining - Local Supplies and the Sewfisive Foam from Sewfisticated Supplies.

Regular Polyester Waterproof with PVC Backing, 3D Mesh, Mesh fabric and Bias Tape from Sewfisticated Supplies

"Very fast Sew Voyageur Cube! Sew Versatile, it not only acts as a Voyageur Cube, but it’s also so good as a storage bag for my Sewing Supplies of Webbings / Threads etc. As always, 1 pattern but comes with multiple looks, multiple outcomes! Customised it the way you like!"




Tester - Tina Alanis Carbajal, California from the USA
Shop Link - lilysminime
Machine used - 
Brother Innovis Essence VM5200
Recommended Skill level - Intermediate Beginner 
Cut and Sew - 4 hours for the Petite and 6 hours for the Regular size
Material used - 

Petite - WPC for both main and lining from @Fabric Therapy, zipper tape and pulls from @Indo Love Kreation hardware, hardware from @Newmoxiestore with the Sewfisive Foam from Sewfisticated Supplies.

Regular - Textured vinyl from @Oh So Lovely w/Ripstop for the lining. All hardware and zipper tape from @Indo Love Kreation Hardware with no stabilizer.

"The Travel Cube pattern is so versatile and an easy pattern to sew! Best part is you can use any fabric base and customize it to your creative needs! That is always a definite plus side when I'm looking to buy a pattern! Make one just for your shoes, wine bottle or even a cute backpack!"




Tester - Susi Schuegraf, Mexico
Shop Link - Jungle Pearls
Sewing Machine used - Bernina 790 and Juki dn 118
Recommended Skill level - Intermediate to adv beginner (binding is trickier)
Cut and Sewing - 4 hours
Strap Length for Webbing B - 36"
Height of the Wearer - 
Phone for the Slip Pocket -
 iPhone 13

Material used - 

Petite - Vinyl is the styled magnolia, wpc is bodeeoh, zipper from amazon with the Sewfisive Foam from Sewfisticated Supplies.

Binding - Fabric is sewfulful therapy and binding is weft and warp and outside binding is amazon. Zipper is weft and warp and pulls are sewful therapy. Lining is bodeeoh

"This is perfect to store important things close while traveling!"



Tester - Lacey N Aj Hegarty, Idaho from the USA
Shop Link - lucymaryshandmades
Machine used -
 Juki DU-1181N Industrial
Recommended Skill level - Confident Beginner
Cut and Sew - 2 hour in total
Material used - 

Petite - Exterior is purple marine vinyl top and bottom from Fabric wholesale, Center vinyl (Lisa Frank) from Oh So Pretty Custom Fabric, Mesh-byAnnie in the color Tahiti, Waterproof canvas interior Fabric wholesale, Zipper pulls-zipper valley, zipper tape-clear from Sew Majestic.

Regular - Floral scales waterproof canvas from Fabric Therapy, Interior Pro Soft 2 Eco Pul in Seaspray from Wazoodle, Iridescent zipper tape by Weft and Warp, Pulls from Hungry Hippie and Sew Sweetness, Mesh from by Annie in Lipstick pink

"This is a must have bag for your travel! These bags come together quickly so you can make as many as you need for your upcoming trip or add the d-rings and make one a backpack. They can be made with so many different bases and work great. Let your mind run with the possibilities of what you can use these for. The petite size is a perfect size for a lunch box and the regular size makes a great backpack."






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