Xpandable SnapN'Go Tote Bag (NEW)



Sewing Machine used - Semi-industrial Juki TL2200 QVP Mini

3 Xpandable SnapN'Go Tote Bags with different bases and sewing methods.  



Tester - Sew HoneyBea
YouTube Link - 
Sew HoneyBea
Sewing Machine used -
Kenmore 158, Singer 4452 and Brother 1034DX Serger
Recommended Skill level 
Ambitious Beginner
Sewing Method - French seams and serger
Material used - Ambesonne Vintage Fabric, AA Texiles (on Instagram)

"Living here in California, USA I like to use my own shopping bags, so I knew what I was going to use this for as soon as I saw it! The Fabric Store, or the Farmer's Market! I can purchase just a few items, or much more. I can keep it in my truck and it doesn't take up any space. I can look stylish while I'm shopping. No more plastic bags for me!"


Tester - Gladys Tan
Shop Link - Chavanthandmade IGChavanthandmade FB
Machine used - 
Heavy duty domestic. Janome HD3000
Recommended Skill level - Adventurous beginner because of the curves.
Sewing Method -
French seams for the sizes and binding for the zips. I also did zig zag stitch stitch for the zip.
Material used -
Polycanvas, zipper by the yard and silver zip pulls from my own collection. Webbing and Kam snaps from Sing Mui Heng.

"Jassie has done it again! The design of this foldable tote is simply wonderful and absolutely creative! Don’t underestimate how much the tote bag can hold. Need more space? Open the zip at the base of the tote and it expands right up for more storage space. Isn’t that just genius? The instructions are easy and straightforward to follow, with pictures for every step. Tips and tricks are also included that will definitely make the bag making process much more enjoyable. This is definitely not a pattern to be missed!"



Tester - Susi Schuegraf
Shop Link - Jungle Pearls
Sewing Machine used - Bernina 790
Recommended Skill level - Advanced beginner, only the zipper part is a bit complex but once understood, it is simple to sew. 
Sewing Method - French seams and binding
Material used - Therxtex from fabric fairy and wonderground for zipper tape

"This is a perfect travel and shopping tote to bring, compact and then sturdy and stylish."


Tester - Jenn Hoopert-McGinn
Shop Link - 
Jenn's Homemadeology
Machine used - 
Vintage domestic Sears Kenmore 158.17550
Recommended Skill level - 
Confident beginner due to the expandable zipper and curves around the base.
Sewing Method - French seams and binding
Material used - 
Rainbow WRC- seweird, pink and purple WPC from Nerdartistry

"I really enjoyed making this bag, I love how it came together. The expandable bottom of this tote is the ‘chefs kiss’ and was such a great process to learn. It’s amazing that while out I can have it one way and then if I need more room expand the bottom for even more room. This bag is going to be great for the beach and travels to the boardwalk."


Tester - Mui Yan
Shop Link - Aderry Craft
Machine used - 
Domestic. Juki HZL-LB5100
Recommended Skill level - Beginner
Sewing Method - Binding and serger
Material used - Polycanvas

"The SnapN'Go Tote bag is such a magical bag! It's a mighty bag with X-pandable feature and can be kept into its own pocket. I love the luggage sleeve too. Sew perfect to bring along for all occasions: holidays, road trip, shopping etc! 😍"

Tester - Geraldine Tan
Shop Link - Made by Starflakes
Sewing Machine used
 - Domestic, Brother NV180K. Serger is Juki M0-114D.
Recommended Skill level - Advanced Beginner
Sewing Method - Binding

Material used - 210D waterproof fabric and 75D with woven backing.

"This bag is so practical and useful. You could expand it to store more things if you need more space, or you could stuff your padded coats into the expanded bag and zip the bottom to compress it. Easy to carry around as it can be folded into a pouch to put in your bag. I'm sure you'll love this bag as much as i do! ❤️😍"




Tester - MB Craft
Shop Link - MB Craft
Sewing Machine used
 - Industrial Jack
Recommended Skill level - Intermediate
Sewing Method - French seams and binding

Material used - Polycanvas from my local supplier

"The expandable part is my favourite. This is my first time doing it, the outcome is perfect!"


Tester - Karen Tay
Sewing Machine used - Brother PQ1500SL
Recommended Skill level - Confident Beginners
Sewing Method - French Seams
Material used -
Water Proof Polyester w Woven Backing (Top) and Water Proof Nylon for Base and extension zipper

"Magical Moments ~ other than SNG Duffle, SNG Tote created ~MAGIC~ again! Spacious! Extendable! Foldable! So so so amazed on how the extension zipper works just like how you extend the luggage! It’s sooooooo spacious that I can squeeze in 1 Hotel Pillow into it without extending the extension zipper! A MUST have set SNG ToTe & Duffle for your holiday trips!"


Tester - Tracey Gore
Shop Link - Wicked Pixie Creation FBWicked Pixie Creation IG
Machine used -
 Viking S21 serger and Juki 1181
Recommended Skill level - Adventurous beginner 
Sewing Method - 
All three! Binding for attaching the base to tote, french seams attaching sides of tote, serger all over due to polyester fraying
Material used - 
Lunarable Panda Fabric from Amazon.

"I am notorious for buying last minute gifts at the airport. This Xpandable tote is PERFECT for having extra space for those gifts! The design is flawless and easy to execute! I highly recommend!"

Tester - 
Thien Ai Hartop
Shop Link - Ninja Crafts (FB)Ninja Crafts (IG)
Machine used - 
Domestic Singer HD44s
Recommended Skill level - Beginner 
Sewing Method - French seams and binding
Material used - I used Oxford nylon for the body and accents. All from hobby lobby. Hardware and zipper was from Amazon

"It’s not just a simple tote! It’s a tote that can expand to fit more with just a quick zip! I love how the directions were so easy to follow and made the zipper gusset so easy to accomplish. If you’re looking for an impressive tote this is it!"


Tester - Katy Clark
Shop Link - Split A Seam
Sewing Machine used
 - Juki tl2010 domestic
Recommended Skill level - Advanced Beginner
Sewing Method - French seams and binding
Material used - Main print Canvas chic geek design/fishy revolution. Red is waterproof canvas. Hardware ramen pull/ thumbsnthimbles. Zipper tape sew many creations

"I love the SnapNgo tote! Perfect for all the summer travel! Folds up to the perfect size for easy storage."



Tester - Jennifer Granger
Shop Link - www.instagram.com/jennofalltrades13
Machine used -
Juki TL 18
Recommended Skill level Adventurous Beginner
Sewing Method - French seams on body, binding on gusset
Material used -
Therxtex by fabric therapy, rip stop Joann’s, webbing amazon

"This bag is so fun to make. Like other Sewfisticated designs attention to details and such a useful bag. I can mark this one down as another “I can’t believe I made it bag”


Tester - Marybeth Haberman
Shop Link - MB's Sew Crafty
Machine used -
 Elna Elnita EF1 High Speed Straight Stitch Sewing Machine, Heavy Duty but not industrial
Recommended Skill level - Advanced Beginner 
Sewing Method - French Seams for the body of the bag and binding for the base
Material used - 
Print fabric is Water Resistant Canvas - Hand Drawn MM Love Hug from Seweird; Black is Lux Nylon from Wonderground Fabric; Pink solid is WRC from Wondergound

"I LOVE this bag! We have just begun traveling again and I love that the SNG line folds away in my suitcase so I will have an extra bag to bring home lots of souvenirs from our adventures. These will also be great to keep in our cars for shopping trips. The expandable bottom of the SNG tote makes it a great bag for small or large purchases. I already have several more planned for my son and his fiancé. They are headed to Greece on their honey moon next month and the SNG line will be a perfect gift for them."

Tester -
 Breana Mayfield
Shop Link - bmbcreativity
Machine used -
Domestic. Brother SE425
Recommended Skill level - Advanced beginner/Intermediate. This is only because of the zippers on the curve for the base. It takes a little more skill to master that.
Sewing Method - French seams on the sides and binding for the gusset to base/new base to top.
Material used - Fabric is a Poly Canvas from Joann’s. Hardware from Wawak.

"This versatile bag is a faster make with excellent results! Instructions are clear, pieces come together beautifully, and it can all be done on a domestic! A nice bag that you can fold away and clip to your belt when you don’t need it but is roomy enough to hold ALL the things when you do!


Tester - Deanise Franck
Shop Link - Hppycrafter’s Bags and More
Machine used - 
Singer patchwork 7285Q, singer serger 14SH744, janome decor excel Pro 5124 all domestic
Recommended Skill level - Adventurous beginner because of the curves.
Sewing Method -
Binding and serger
Material used -
Magical Snacks WRC from Whimsical Fabric Designs designs, WPC accents in pink and Lavendar from Bo Dee-Oh!

"I really enjoyed making this bag. The directions were easy to follow. I love the tips and suggestions that Jessie provides throughout the directions. It is a great size bag."



Tester - Sheila Charrette Kvern
Shop Link - Sheila's Sewing
Machine used -
Brother LB6959 combo sewing/embroidery machine
Recommended Skill level - Adventurous Beginner
Sewing Method - French seams
Material used - Fishouflage water-resistant technical canvas from Our Social Fabric

"This bag comes together in a logical way, and anyone can do it! Results are so impressive and will have friends and family in awe that you made it yourself!" 



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