Follow the Pattern Instructions

Have you wonder why there is excess zipper/fabric between layers?

There is a DIFFERENCE in the way you sew on your sewing machine, depending on how the pattern is designed.

Read and follow the pattern instructions. If the pattern instructions stated a preference on which panel to face up, follow it.  Always adjust the fabric/zipper at the corner and ensure the layers are flat as you sew to avoid any puckers. 


  • Hemostat is a great tool to clip fabrics together in tight spaces.
  • DST or staple is useful to secure zipper in place.  

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@sewfisticatedcraft #question from @SewfisticatedCraft Have you wonder why sometimes you ended up with excess zipper/fabric even though you have sewn the pattern before? Look at your pattern instructions again. It happens to me too! 😅😝 #sewfisticatedsg #sewfisticatedcraftdesigns #tipsntricks #sewingtips #sewingtiktok #sewistsoftiktok #bagmakersofinstagram #bagmaker #icansew #sewing #bagpattern ♬ Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom!! - Vengaboys



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