Sew along with Jess Oklaroots

SCD is thrilled to participate in the Bag Making Bees Project Box collaboration for the month of March featuring The Sewfisticated Travelnizer, a joint effort by Wondergrounds Fabric and Jess from Oklaroots.  

This is the second year of our involvement in this project.


Join us for a chance to win gift cards from four different shops with the Sew-along Challenge!

Sew along (SAL) with Oklaroots

    1. The Sewfisticated Travelnizer | SAL Video
    2. SnapN’Go Duffle Bag | SAL Video
    3. All New Pollies Purse | SAL Video
    4. Pollies Pocket | SAL Video
  • This challenge runs from till April 30th at midnight EST
  • Participants will earn different point based on the make
    • Travelnizer - 5 points
    • SnapN'Go Duffle Bag and All New Pollies Purse - 2 points
    • Pollies Pocket - 1 point
  • 10 randomly drawn winners will receive USD10 gift cards.  Gift card has a 12-month validity date from date of issuance.
    1. Oklaroots x 3 gift cards
    2. Wonderground x 3 gift cards
    3. Sewfisticated Craft Designs x 2 gift cards
    4. Sewfisticated Supplies x 2 gift cards
  • Participants can enter both the 16th Share-Your-Make Challenge and the SAL Challenge
  • Both Challenges are exclusively hosted in the SCD FB Group


SAL Challenge Rules

👝 New make only (Please do not repost a make that has been accounted in the past Share-Your-Make Challenge as it will not be counted).
👜 Upload a NEW post to the SCD FB Group featuring your bag with a caption on what you love about the pattern/design. Multiple unique entries allowed.  Be sure to use a hashtag #salwithoklaroots.
🎒 Drop a picture of the bag in the Sew-along with Oklaroots post comment section for entry # which will be given AFTER you upload NEW post (see above point).
😍 𝘽𝙊𝙉𝙐𝙎! Extra entry# if you use any Sewfisticated Supplies or Wonderground Fabric product - be sure to list down the product that you used in your make on your post!
Winners will be drawn randomly within 24-48 hours of closing.



PSST - Remember this challenge giveaway is only happening in the SCD Group. Head over to participate and qualify for the challenge giveaway.  Good luck everyone! Looking forward to seeing your LOVELY makes very soon!

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