FoldNZip Backpack

Another tick off my bucket list!

A little background story of how and why I started designing a full-sized backpack. Oh boy! It is mind blowing! It was supposedly a simple one which ended up with 3 sizes by popular requests. 😆

FoldNZip Backpack
 was inspired by my daughter's schoolbag. We have many backpacks in the house yet she just loves to use her bulky backpack.  
She loves the bag yet wanted a bag handmade by me to bring to school. It will remind her of Mama while she is away in school. How to reject such sweet request!

As usual, she is specific with her preferences! Yes, she has yet to turn 7 years old but her critiques always keep me on my toes whenever it comes to bag designing. It is harder to please her than my customers!

Very loving indeed but it came with a price (with no money)! At such a tender age, she is attentive to details (fussy), likes to organize her favorite stuff properly in place (OCD) and when she loves something she insists on having the exact same feature (persistence)! 😆🤪

Guess what! She rejected my backpack....TWICE! 😱

First it doesn't come with her chest strap buckle! 🙄😤 Second the chest strap buckle was not adjustable and nope she doesn't want detachable strap! This backpack is definitely completed by her! Thanks to her insistence of certain features (best feedback from daily user), I surpassed my own boundaries. 😍
She cried today as she couldn't bring her new backpack along. Mama still need to take photos 😅 plus her twinning lunch box is not ready. Before she leaves, she reminded me of the EXACT material for her lunch box. She wanted to twin with her school bag! 

Oh boy! Can't wait for her to grow up and design bags together with me! Yet still wish she can be forever at a tender age. The saying is so true - hours are long but years are tooooo short! 

Hope you enjoy the background story of FoldNZip. 😊 


I find myself often in between bag sizes especially on designs that I loved! It is either too small or too big! With different occasions in mind, 3 sizes are designed. These are perfect as a Diaper Bag too!


WHY FoldNZip Backpack?

  • 3 sizes for different needs!
  • Full zipper for easy access
  • FOLD flat with a BASE - easy storage and best for traveling!
  • Side pockets for good size water bottle!
    - 2 different ways of construction
  • Plenty of pockets for better organization
    - 4 inner pockets and 2 external zippered pockets
  • Sizes Small and Medium On-The-Go Pouch fit perfectly!
  • Flap handle for easy handling especially on little hands.
  • Perfect to showcase Full Panel Print!
  • Perfect for ALL ages from toddler, kids, teens to adults in all walks of life.
  • Video tutorial by @Sew HoneyBea.


Get ready your supplies for a sew-along in May 2022!






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