On-The-Go Pouch



    If you are familiar with my patterns, you are probably aware that almost every bag I designed has its purpose and little history of how it came about.

    Likewise for this On-The-Go Pouch! It all started when I had difficulty finding a smaller insulated bag to store my daughter's (Charlotte) fruits and crackers when we were out and about. By snack time, either the fruits were not chilled or those crackers meant for toddlers were crushed into pieces.

    I was an active mama who was always out on play dates (possible then before their Primary School and Covid19 period). All before I started my sewing journey back in 2018/2019.

    Charlotte was blessed with her paternal grandmother who used to sew garments. Knowing the difficulties that I was having when out and about, she started to dabble on bags and did the 3 lunch bag sizes. I did a few small sizes to gift to some mommies and friends. They all loved it and are still using them even 3-4 years later. That has made my heart SEW-FULL!


    Made in 2019!

    • Small size for her 3 hours kindergarten school.
    • Medium size for our On-The-Go and
    • Large size for her after school enrichment class.

    Now fast forward to Primary School (2022) where she has 2 break times. Recess in the canteen (cafeteria) area (bigger Lunch bag) and snack time in her class. She requested for snack bag to be placed in her school bag instead of lugging everything in her lunch bag to the canteen.

    My fussy girl indeed but her reasons are valid! I adapted the sizes to be able to use from toddler to preschooler to Primary School and even teens or adult. Large size is great as travel storage bags for your essential items or even as a picnic bag!

    WHY On-The-Go Pouch?

    • 3 sizes for different needs!
    • Flexibility to customize your own On-The-Go Bag! From Snack/Lunch/Picnic/Bag to Travel Storage Bag.
    • Compact! Yet packs needed essentials.
    • Sizes Small and Medium fit in most Totes or Backpacks!
    • D Ring tab (optional) for detachable strap for added portability.
    • Inner Mesh Pocket (optional) for better organization.
    • Perfect for craft shows and gifts!
    • Domestic Machine friendly!
    • Confident Beginner Friendly!
    • Pattern Pieces for Full Panel or Fussy Cut Placement.
    • Perfect for ALL ages from toddler, kids, teens to adults in all walks of life.
    • NO binding! 

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