The Sewfisticated Trio



ONE Pattern with 3 sizes!
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Skill Builder Pattern -
a simple pattern yet great opportunity to improve your skills with curves, zipper and binding! Learn how to create Card Slot Pockets, Zipper Pocket and easy method of making Slip Pocket.

It is no secret that I love Jujube x Tokidoki Collaboration! This diaper brand and my daughter got me to learn sewing, custom bag making and now Pattern Designing. If you are familiar with my patterns, you are probably aware that almost every bag I designed has its purpose and little history of how it came about.

Likewise for this Sewfisticated Trio! It was inspired from Jujube Be Set (packing cubes) - almost every collaboration launch, Be Set was the first to sell out! I adapted the pattern and added inner pocket options to maximize the purposes.

Sewfisticated Trio can be just a packing cube OR your daily crossbody bag with added inner pocket options for each size.  Definitely a MUST have pouch for all ages!

Quote from Tester @Jessica Lehman Patole.

"The first one was a bit challenging on the curves, but slow and steady wins the race! I used staples and sewed a stitch, lifted the foot to reposition, then sewed another. I definitely think a confident beginner can tackle these with the right fabric choices!!"

Check out more on Testers' Makes!
Pattern Link - Sewfisticated Trio
Packing Video - Sewfisticated Trio
Video Tutorial by Sew HoneyBea
Time Lapsed video on Clear Vinyl

Perfect for craft shows or gifts!  3 pouches nested as one!

Use Gate Ring to connect size Medium and Large as Crossbody Bag. 

Perfect pattern for Clear Vinyl!

WHY Sewfisticated Trio?

  • 3 sizes for different needs!
  • Domestic Machine friendly! 
  • Confident Beginner Friendly!
  • Perfect for craft shows and gifts!
  • Easy method of making Slip Pocket.
  • Perfect pattern for Clear Vinyl!
  • Compact! Yet packs needed essentials.
  • All 3 sizes fits in Petite FoldNZip Backpack!
  • Size Small and Medium fits into Size Large as ONE!
  • Flexibility to customize your own Crossbody Purse to Packing Cubes.
  • D Ring tab (optional) for detachable strap for added portability. 
  • Inner Zipper, Slip and Card Slot Pockets (optional) for better organization.
  • Perfect for ALL ages from toddler, kids, teens to adults in all walks of life.
  • Video tutorial by @Sew HoneyBea


Perfect pattern for most fabric base and Clear Vinyl!

Sewfisticated Trio fits perfectly in FoldNZip Backpack (Petite)!


Machine used: Juki TL2200-QVP Mini

Stitch 626 from Backstitch Fabric Group
Main exterior - Vinyl. Inner pockets - Cotton Woven fused with medium-weight interfacing and pre-made bias tape. I used #5 nylon zipper for Z1 and #3 for inner zipper pocket. 

Clear Printed Vinyl from Bombsheller Custom Fabric Group
Main exterior - Clear Printed Vinyl. I used #5 nylon zipper for Z1 with no inner pockets. Pre-made bias tape.

Clear Printed Vinyl from Whimsical Fabric Designs
Main exterior - Clear Printed Vinyl. I used #5 nylon zipper for Z1 with no inner pockets. Pre-made bias tape.

Kings Court Tokidoki x Jujube (repurposed from bags)
Main exterior - thin waterproof fabric fused with medium-weight interfacing. Small and Medium piece fused with Decovil Light and Large with thin foam. Pre-made bias tape. Lining and Wrist Strap - CW with medium-weight interfacing. #5 zipper for Z1 and #3 zipper for Z2


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