Sewfisticated Packing Cubes

Using our latest Sewfisticated Xpandable Zipper technique to create 4 different sizes and with 2 versions!




Sewing Machine used - Semi-industrial Juki TL2200 QVP Mini
Material used -
Medium and Small - Oxford Polyester waterproof 210D with PVC coating.  Lining 420D waterproof fabric.
Large and X-Small - 210D Polyester waterproof fused with interfacing.  Lining 420D waterproof fabric.
Small Clear Vinyl - Whimsical Fabric Designs 




Tester - Susi Schuegraf
Shop Link - Jungle Pearls
Sewing Machine used - Bernina 790 and Juki dn 118
Recommended Skill level - Advanced beginner, only the zipper part is a bit complex but once understood, it is simple to sew. 
Cut and Sew - 2.5 hours each packing cube
Material used -
All regular from fabric therapy, compression the styled magnolia canvas and geeky hardware wpc, soot hardware sew dulce, chevon zip mmk

"Perfect bag for storage or travel!"


Tester - Mui Yan
Shop Link - Aderry Craft
Machine used - 
Domestic. Juki HZL-LB5100
Recommended Skill level - Advanced Beginner
Cut and Sewing - 10-12 hours for 4 cubes
Material used -
(1) Compression cubes: Sushi print polycanvas, waterproof interior (2) Floral packing cube: matt laminate (3) XS cube: thin vinyl exterior

"How timely - I have packing cubes in my sewing list and so glad I got to test the Sewfisticated Packing Cubes. I was using vacuum seal bags for my travel trips and was frustrated when the bags lose its effectiveness after a few usage. With the packing cubes, I will no longer have this problem. Looking forward to making more - thanks Jassie for another wonderful and useful pattern!"




Tester - Gladys Tan
Shop Link - Chavanthandmade IGChavanthandmade FB
Machine used - 
Heavy duty domestic. Janome HD3000
Recommended Skill level - Adventurous beginner because of the curves and zips.
Cutting/Sewing Time - 
Cut time is approx 3 hours for 4 cubes. Sewing time is approx 2 hours for each cube.
Material used -
Regular cubes - Clear vinyl and cotton binding for Size Small. Size M: vinyl for the exterior and cotton woven for the lining.
Compression cubes - WPC (without PVC backing) 210D for exterior and 75D for lining for both XS and L sizes.
Lightweight interfacing for the cotton lining for the regular cube, size M.

"Jassie has done it again! These packing cubes are simply fantastic for travels, moving houses, or even for daily use! There are 4 sizes in this set, which will cater to all your needs. This pattern brings versatility to a new level - there are so many fabric options for these amazing packing cubes! Bring out your vinyls, denims, cotton woven and mix and match away! The instructions are fantastic with loads of details as usual, with tips and tricks along the way to help you create your perfect cube. It’s definitely not a pattern to be missed!" 



Tester - Geraldine Tan
Shop Link - Made by Starflakes
Sewing Machine used
 - Domestic, Brother NV180K. Serger is Juki M0-114D.
Recommended Skill level - Advanced Beginner
Cut and Sew - Average 2.5 hours per packing cube 

Material used -
XS and S exterior is 210D waterproof fabric, M exterior is PUL, L exterior is waterproof fabric with rubber backing. Lining is 75D waterproof fabric for all.

"I love this pattern, its great for packing for trips. The multiple sizes in the pattern allows for a mix and match to fit the different luggage sizes. Its a quick sew especially if its done in clear vinyl. The compression version is super useful and definitely helps to save space in the luggage."




Tester - Karen Tay
Shop Link - TK Embroidery
Sewing Machine used - Brother 980D
Recommended Skill level - Confident Beginner
Cut and Sew - 3 days for all 4 Packing Cubes
Material used -
Compression Small -  210D for both Interior & Exterior
Compression Medium - Water Resistant Polyster w Woven Backing & Cotton Lining
Regular X-Small - Clear Vinyl w Vinyl & Cotton Lining
Regular Large - Vinyl w Cotton Lining

"Can’t get enough for Holiday Preparation? A Pattern that you shouldn’t miss! SCD Packing Cubes! Available in 2 versions and 4 Sizes!! Go Green!! Skip the Vacuum Bags and try out the COMPRESSION Packing Cubes! I’m definitely amazed on how it ‘compress’!"


Tester - Jenn Hoopert-McGinn
Shop Link - 
Jenn's Homemadeology
Machine used - 
Vintage domestic Sears Kenmore 158.17550
Recommended Skill level - 
Intermediate due to layered zippers and curves
Cut and Sew - Average 3 hours per packing cube.
Material used - 
Compression X-Small - Solid wpc from Nerdartistry. Print is an outdoor polycanvas from JoAnns.
Regular Small - Vinyl from Nerdartistry and than black WPC for lining.
Compression Medium - Print- Stretch cotton woven from Seweird fabric shop. Lining is a black WPC and Pellon SF101.
Regular Large - Both exterior and interior fabrics are made out of a table cloth

"The regular packing cubes are so great for more than just travel packing! I even changed up the direction of which way my panels were going because I want them as a pull out from shelving in my craft area that I’m trying to get together. I love all the possibilities of packing and storage of the cubes!"

"Great bags for traveling! The compression makes traveling so much easier with being able to fit more in the same amount of space. It’s nice to be able to bring the kids blankies and stuffies and them not take up so much room in the suitcase!"



Tester - Sophie Tsui
Shop Link - Kidam & Loula - Carterie & Couture
Machine used -
 Domestic Brother Innovis NV1300
Recommended Skill level - Advanced Beginner/Intermediate
Cut and Sew - average 3 hours per packing cube
Material used -
Basic cotton (with H250 as interfacing) and vinyl.  H250 interfacing on exterior cotton pieces.

"English is not my mother language, but I found following your instructions very easy. The pages (6-9) showing the pattern pieces and where they are was really useful.

I loved this pattern from start to finish. Not only are the instructions clear and well written, they are also easy to follow, and you will be surprised how easy the Compression Cubes are to sew. The cubes themselves are so practical - they can be used for travelling to orgnaise your suitcase, but also at home to store linen, toys, or to hide your ever growing fabric stash from hubby!"



Tester - Breana Mayfield
Shop Link - bmbcreativity
Machine used - 
Domestic. Brother SE425
Recommended Skill level - Adventurous Beginner for Regular and Intermediate for Compression version
Cut and Sew - 2-4 hours for Regular and 4-6 hours for Compression version
Material used - 
XS sunflower plaid is cotton canvas exterior and WPC interior. Small purple floral is a faux leather exterior and canvas interior. ProFuse from Wawak.

"This pattern is wonderful for anyone looking to learn or become better with zippers or corners. Pattern is very well drafted and comes together well. You can bind or birth this bag which gives even more skills to learn!  These packing cubes are a very rewarding sew. The compression bottoms are super handy! A must have staple for anyone who travels."



Tester - Marybeth Haberman
Shop Link - MB's Sew Crafty
Machine used -
 Domestic Singer Quantum Stylist 9960 and Heavy Duty Elna Elnita ef1
Recommended Skill level - Adventurous Beginner 
Cut and Sew - 5 hours including prepping the pattern
Material used -
Regular Small was made with WRC exterior from Seweird and ripstop from Joann.
Regular Large is poly canvas from Amazon and PUL from Joann.
Compression cubes I used WRC exterior from Seweird, PUL from Joann for the interior and black lux lit nylon from Wonderground Fabrics.


"This is a great pattern. I love the expansion zipper technique. We are from sunny Southern California and travel often to visit family on Seattle. We have to bring many different layers for their unpredictable weather. The cubes will come in so handy for our packing. We wont have to bring a giant bag. We will be able to pack all our needs into our carry on suitcases. I will be making many more sets in the months to come!"



Tester - Demi Stonnell
Shop Link - Demi's Divine Designs
Sewing Machine used
 - Juki 1500 QVP
Recommended Skill level - Confident Beginner
Cut and Sew - Average 3 hours per packing cube
Material used - 
Compression bags - Joanns.
The regular vinyl from Purple Dragon Fabrics with the lining water resistant fabric.
Clear vinyl from Wonderground Fabric and the cotton came from Joanns. My fancy zipper pulls came from wizardy stitchery and regular pulls came from a local sewing shop (American Ribbon Factory). 

"Extremely useful pattern and easier to make than it looks!! The compression zipper is easy to install and is a great addition to the bag."



Tester - Grazziela Barney
Shop Link - Sew Nailed It
Machine used -
Domestic/Semi-industrial, Husqvarna Eden Rose 250c
Recommended Skill level - Adventurous Beginner
Cut and Sewing - 5 hours for 4 cubes
Material used -
Compression: exterior: Joanns/ Winter-fetti: Purple Dragon Fabrics.
Regular: Holo-moons, Zor-Elle, Poison Apples & White WPC: Wonderground Fabrics.  Fusible Fleece on CW

"I really enjoyed the make and the fact that I was able to confidently navigate the pattern without a YouTube to follow (visual learner) is a testament to your writing. I love having a functional make that is quick to sew and easy to store. The pattern is written clearly with lots of tips and tricks to fit any sewist's style."



Tester - Sheila Charrette Kvern
Shop Link - Sheila's Sewing
Machine used - 
Brother LB6959 combo sewing/embroidery machine
Recommended Skill level - Advanced Beginner/Intermediate
Cut and Sew - 12 hours for the set
Material used -
Vinyl and canvas from Scarlett Crusade designs.  SF101 on exterior top and bottom panels, as well as cotton woven liners

"I like that there is instructions to include clear vinyl and multiple ways to finish the interior. Topstitching gives strength and stability but also the opportunity to add some colour and contrast."



Tester - Roeshell Arjin
Shop Link -
Machine used - 
Domestic Husqvarna Rose 605
Recommended Skill level Beginner 
Cut and Sew - Average 3.5 hours per packing cube
Material used -
Kirbooty- canvas ext CW interior bender- cw exterior and ripstop interior

"I love this pattern! It makes it so easy to pack for a trip! And it is easy to make, I can see myself making loads of these. They are great for general storage too not just packing."


Tester - Jennifer Granger
Shop Link -
Machine used - 
Juki TL 18
Recommended Skill level Adventurous Beginner
Cut and Sew - 10 hours for all packing cubes
Material used -
Lining was rip stop from Joann’s, vinyl from My Punkbroidery and fabric therapy, therxtex from fabric therapy

"This design is SO useful and so fun to make. As usual with Sewfisticated designs. Each step walks you through and at the end you are amazed at the bag you made!! I’ve already put these to use and need to make more for our luggage.




Tester - Katy Clark
Shop Link - Split A Seam
Sewing Machine used
 - Juki TL2010 
Recommended Skill level - Advanced Beginner
Cut and Sew - Average 2 hours per packing cube
Material used - Cotton woven, cotten lyra, clear vinyl, wpc and SF101

"Great quick pattern, perfect for travel! Ready for travel with the packing cubes. Quick and fun this pattern is wonderful to learn new techniques like compression."


Tester - Kassie Lewis Greer
Sewing Machine used
 - Domestic brothers strong and tough
Recommended Skill level - Advanced Beginner
Cut and Sew - Average 4 hours per packing cube
Material used - 
Cotton woven for the compression, fleece cotton and WRC for the large and medium and SF101 interfacing.

"I love that I won’t have to fight my kids over room in their suitcases anymore! They can pack clothes and their toys with room to spare!"


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