The Sewfisticated Clutch


SCD's FIRST Sew-along happening on 2nd April to 30th April 2022!

We are pleased and honored to have @Sew HoneyBea to lead SCD first Sew-along for The Sewfisticated Clutch, and truly humbled with MyPunkBroidery, Whimsical Fabric Designs and Seweird Fabrics sponsoring attractive Grand Prizes!

Check out Sew-along with Bea!


Be inspired by testers on their version of The Sewfisticated Clutch! Comes in two sizes - Ms. Chic and Ms. Classy!



Machine used: Domestic Babylock Soprano

Material used:

  • Ms. Chic - Custom vinyl with cotton woven.
  • Ms. Classy - Cotton woven with inner fabric from Dream Seams Custom Fabrics. SF101, Pelltex and stencil sheet.

It's very good, I like how the steps are broken down for easy reading. I love the way of doing the inside zipper and the techniques you use to remove bulk. it also works for a lot of people. @Megan O'Meara



Machine used: Juki TL-2200qvp
Material used:

  • Ms. Chic - CW (flap and interior), marine vinyl (main body). SF101, Pellon P44F and Decovil Heavy
  • Ms. Classy - Vinyl (main body), soft canvas (flap) and WPC for lining. SF101 and Decovil Heavy

Design is great! Super handy bag ūüėć can see myself using this a lot!¬†Everything is easy to understand!¬†@Nur Sumaiya Tan



Machine Used: Industrial Juki DDL 555-4

Material Used:

  • Ms. Chic - Canvas fabric interfaced with SF101 and interior WPC. Main fabric from gingerlilycraft @ Etsy.
  • Ms. Classy - CL interface with SF101. Interior CW and WPC. Main fabric from Do or Dye.

Amazing design! I absolutely love this nothing I have seen come close to this design. @Tery Lefebvere



Machine used: Domestic. Brother NV180K

Material used:

  • Ms. Chic - CW (flap and interior), WPC (main body). Fabric for flap was from Purple Dragon Fabrics.
  • Ms. Classy - CW (flap and main body), WPC 420D for interior. Exterior fabric from Ohana Fabric.
  • Woven interfacing, Decovil heavy for flap and fusible fleece and mylar sheet for main clutch.

Pattern design was well thought. Very spacious with lots of pockets (slip and zippered) @Geraldine Tan


Machine used: Industrial Singer 2591D200A
Material used:

  • Both Ms Chic & Ms Classy - Used cotton fabric for outer and lining and faux leather for flap.
  • For interfacing, outer, I used medium weight cotton stabiliser(5520), and non woven sticker as final insert, and for the lining I used thin cotton stabiliser 1340f. All stabilisers I got it from local seller.

I love this pattern and instructions are pretty straight forward.  I would recommend for Confident Beginner onwards. @Rose Ibrahim


Machine used: Juki TL 2000qi
Material used:

  • Ms. Chic - exterior and interior cotton woven, SF101 and Peltex 70 - Burton from Sweet n Charmed.
  • Ms. Classy - Exterior flap (Mommy with ink) horror canvas, heat sensitive vinyl plus waterproof canvas interior.

I love the size and design.  Instructions are easy to understand and follow.  Personally prefer the smaller size but I love the option for multiple sizes @Theresa Janke



Machine used: Singer HD6380 a heavy duty domestic

Material used:

  • Ms. Chic - Rustic floral is all cotton woven. The cork and vinyl chic with cotton woven interior. MyPunkBroidery.
  • Ms. Classy - Navy Cheetah Keepsake Calico Cotton Fabric, Pellon 70F, SF101 and mid weight non woven.

The instructions were well written. As an advanced beginner it was very easy for me to follow along. @Thien Ai Hartop



Machine used: Vintage domestic Singer 185k

Machine used:

  • Ms. Chic - Custom Snow Wars CW and quilt cotton for interior. SF101 and Decovil Heavy.
  • Ms. Classy - Custom cotton woven throughout. SF101 and Decovil Heavy.

Your creativity for construction is so much fun and thank you for being open to suggestions!! @Rebecca Hills


Machine used:  Juki 2020

Material used: 

  • Ms. Chic - Upholstery fabric (flap), cotton (others). SF101 and Decovil heavy.
  • Ms. Classic - Vinyl (flap), cotton (others). SF101 and Decovil heavy.

I really enjoyed making this! I‚Äôve tested for a lot of designers and I have never seen your method of putting in the zipper pocket and how clever you folded it up to make the slip pocket. Also I thought it was so clever how you did the exterior zipper! Great jobūü§ó @Laura Rhoads Wadman



Machine used: JUKI TL2200QVP and Singer HD4423

Material used:

  • Ms. Chic - CW from Handmade Fabrics Inc. and Batiks fabric. Interface CS 5520 and 5550 from Malaysia.
  • Ms. Classy - Cork material, cotton Homespun Prima (Pesto) and Riley Blake Designs pattern C3172 - one for the boys by Zor Pearn Designs interface with CS 5500.

Love both design and Instructions. The instruction was very clear and with lots of photo. @Haliza Mushirah Mohd Yusuf





Machine used: Juki TL2200 QVP Mini

Material used:

  • Ms. Chic - Tokipops - Laminated/Pellon 911FF. Robert Kaufman - Quilting Cotton/Vilene/Decovil Light.
  • Ms. Classy - Animalini - Laminated & Nylon/Peltex. Sea Amo - Polycanvas & Nylon/Vilene & Peltex & Mylar.

“I learned a new method of constructing the zippered pocket.  Overall, it’s an amazing design with two great sizes. Love it! Thanks for your heart work! @Jenny Toh


Machine used: JACK ( High speed)

Material used:

  • Ms. Chic - Fully cotton for outer and inner
  • Ms. Classy - Cotton and vinyl

This is first time i make wallet pattern (slot card) love it . Love your instruction that's clear to me. @Ily Rifhan Abdul Rahman



Machine used: Industrial Juki 1181n

Material used:

  • Ms. Chic - SF101, Peltex 70, Cotton woven
  • Ms. Classy - CW Flap - Wonderground Fabric, Main Body - My PunkBroidery, Thread - Wizardry Stitchery, SF101, Peltex 70

A perfect crossbody or you can even use it as a clutch! Love that you can make this pattern as fancy or as simple as you’d like. The ability to choose your flap design, rivets, d-rings, turn locks and more allow this to be the perfect customizable product for yourself and your customers. @Kristen Lee


Machine used: JukiTL2010Q
Material used: Ms Chic - CW, fuSSAble light and midweight woven interfacing and fuSSAboard Light.

9/10 for Pattern Instructions and 10/10 for Design. @Ami Chang




Machine used: Juki industrial machine
Material used:

  • Ms. Chic - Faux leather with cotton woven
  • Ms. Classy - Faux leather with cotton woven

10/10 for Pattern Design and Instructions. @Siti Irdawati



Machine used: Juki DX7
Material used: Ms. Chic - Vinyl (Impish Geeks) - exterior, cotton woven - interior (Fussasmooth lightweight from Seams Sew Awesome), Laminated fabric (JuJuBe change pad) - inner flap

10/10 for Pattern Design and Instructions @Cindy Lewis




Machine used: Juki TL 2200

Material used:

  • Ms. Chic - Decivil heavy SF101, cotton linen by FIGOFABRICS card slots and inner pocket, exterior pocket - Timeless Treasures cotton, faux suede flap and stretch faux vinyl from my stash, and strap with nylon webbing backing.
  • Ms. Classy - Cotton Lillyput fields, fat quarters from stash, SF101, decovil heavy, polypropylene webbing.


Clear detailed step by step instructions. I love the style as is! @Cindy Henderson



Machine used: Domestic singer 3323
Material used:

  • Ms. Chic - Vinyl and WPC
  • Ms. Classy - Faux leather and WPC.

I am in love with how many things fit into her. @Ewa Szyje



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