ZipN'Travel Backpack

The Magic Bag! I'm Small yet Mighty is back!
From SnapN'Go series to ZipN'Travel now.



Be inspired by the 20 amazing talented bag makers around the globe! Check out what sewing machine and fabric that they used.  Hope you are as inspired as I am by their beautiful creations.


 Tester - Sew HoneyBea

YouTube Link - Sew HoneyBea; Sew HoneyBea IG
Sewing Machine used - 
Juki DU-1181N
Recommended Skill level 
Material used -

Vinyl and WPC with regular backpack straps using foam.

"This is a very cool design to go with the other collapsible series of patterns. You can make it your own to fit your needs."


Tester - Jenn Hoopert-McGinn
Shop Link - 
Jenn's Homemadeology
Machine used - 
Vintage domestic Sears Kenmore 158.17550
Recommended Skill level - 
intermediate due to the attaching of the front zip and go pocket with the curves.
Cut and Sew - Cut time: 1hr and 20mins, sew time: 6hrs and 15mins
Material used - 

Lion king print is a WRC from Edenelle Fabrics, the black is a polyester outdoor canvas with orange ripstop both from Joann’s.  Regular backpack straps with Flex-foam FF78F1.  Wearer is 5'4" (163 cm) tall.


    "I love this backpack so much! It’s such a great grab and go backpack that’s easy to carry and holds so much! My son is excited to be able to take this school and it fit all this things in such an organized way."



    Tester - Amy Halbrooks
    Shop Link - seastitcheshandmade
    Sewing Machine used - Juki tl2000qi for construction and a juki 1541s for topstitching and bulk
    Recommended Skill level - beginner
    Cut and Sew - 6 hours but I like to take my time!
    Material used -

    Waterproof canvas from fabric wholesale direct. Mouse fabric is from Miss Mac. Webbing is from Wonderground fabrics. Zipper tape is from Indo Love Kreations.  Extended backpack straps with D Rings using Extended backpack straps with D Rings. 

    "Where do I start? This is one of the coolest patterns I have ever sewn! Just the amount of tricks and tips you learn in this pattern is mind blowing. How can you not love a bag that folds up to travel? And last if your looking for a backpack for your kids or yourself for school this is PERFECT!!!!!  I have nothing but just complete awe and shock for this pattern! The way you did the front pocket is genius. I dislike front pockets like that but now I love them with your method."


    Wearer is 3'9" (114 cm) tall.

    Wearer is 6'2" (188 cm) tall.


    Tester - Shonda 'Ferguson' Andrews
    Machine used
     - Tech Sew 2750 pro industrial, modern domestic Brother Innovis 2400
    Recommended Skill level - advanced beginner to intermediate sewing skills 
    Cut and Sew - 6-8 hours 
    Material used -

    Exterior front and back is upholstery fabric from local upholstery wholesaler. Exterior gussets are Solarium Outdoor fabric in denim blue from Joann's. Interior fabric is Grey Solid Waterproof Therxtex from Fabric Therapy.  Extended backpack straps with single sided fusible, fabric lined foam.  Wearer is 5'9" (175 cm).


    "This design is such a great universal backpack for anyone small or large, from child to adult. Don't let the number of pattern pieces or the size of the pattern intimidate you, because it is a rather fast and easy make with wonderful detailed instruction. This is the perfect backpack for so many different occasions; from your summer vacations trips to school days. Great for all students from kindergarten all the way through college and beyond. Jassie continues to give us top notch and extremely professional patterns and this backpack ranks at the top of her designs in my opinion."



    Tester - Andrea Graham
    Shop Link - Addie Kakes Kreations VIP Group
    Sewing Machine used - Thor GC1541S / industrial
    Recommended Skill level - I think this is beginner friendly. or maybe a step up from that.
    Cut and Sew - 8-9 hours 
    Material used -

    Fabric - Alchemats for print, Ripstop from Joann for lining. I used YKK zippers throughout.  Extended backpack straps with D Rings using headliner foam.  Wearer is 5'6" (167 cm) tall.

      "This is a fun pattern to make with minimal supplies and no interfacing! (Yay!) Great for travel and also would make a great school bag."






      Tester - Cynthia Molina
      Shop Link - Dandelion Craft and Creations
      Machine used - 
      Brother -SE1900 
      Recommended Skill level Beginner
      Cut and Sew - 3-4 hours 
      Material used -

      • Exterior is Therxtex from Fabric Therapy, interior is Luxe Nylon from Wonderground and hardware from  Regular backpack straps with ByAnnie's Soft & Stable.  
      • All fabric is Therxtex from Fabric Therapy. For hardware it’s all from bedazzled the reversible zipper is from Amazon and my own zipper pills.  Extended backpack straps with D rings using ByAnnie's Soft & Stable.  

      Wearer is 4'3" (130 cm).

      "It’s perfect with loads of pockets and the foldable feature is perfection.   Instructions is very details going over through step by step.  ZipN'Travel backpack could also be a regular school book bag. It has so many feature perfect for all you travel or academic needs. Everyone needs this pattern."



      Tester - Thien Ai Hartop 
      Shop Link - NinjaMombieCrafts IGNinjaMombieCrafts FBNinjaMombieCrafts Group 
      Sewing Machine used - Domestic Singer HD 44S
      Recommended Skill level - Advanced beginner but good for a new sewist with a good grasp of bag construction and wants a good challenge
      Cut and Sew - 2 hours to cut, about 8-10 hours of sewing
      Material used -

      • Black sports nylon from Joann Fabrics, scuba knit from Hobby Lobby and sunflower wpc print from Fabric therapy.  Regular backpack straps with fusible fleece.  Wearer is 4'2" (127 cm) tall.  Final assembly using binding method.
      • Ripstop 8.7 oz from Fabric warehouse direct, neoprene and Oxford nylon from Hobby lobby.  Regular backpack straps using neoprene fabric.  Final assembly using birthing method. 

      "This backpack is so comfortable and amazing to wear! I loved being able to use different textiles like the scuba knit without it interfering with the ability for it to fold up so it could be stored away when not in use. Amazingly well thought out pattern that’s unique and was so fun to make! This pattern really inspired me to elevate my skills! Well written directions made this pattern so easy to follow!






      Tester - Gladys Tan
      Shop Link - Chavanthandmade IGChavanthandmade FB
      Machine used - 
      Heavy duty domestic. Janome HD3000
      Recommended Skill level - Intermediate, due to the curves, strap and the method of attaching the reversible pocket
      Cutting/Sewing Time -
      Cutting time approx 1.5 hours. Sewing time approx 6 hours
      Material used -
      Exterior fabric - polycanvas from my own collection. Lining fabric - lightweight tafetta fabric from Thye Guan Textiles. Zip tape: my own collection. Zip pulls: Zipper Paradise (normal zip pull) and online sources (reversible zip pull). All other hardware webbing from Sing Mui Heng.
      Extended backpack straps with D Rings.  Foam stabilizer from Lye Nai Shiong. Wearer is 163cm (5.34 foot).


      "This pattern is just genius! Who doesn’t love a backpack that can be folded and kept neatly when not in use?! I love absolutely everything about the design of this bag - the number of pockets in the most strategic locations, the depth of the bag, the size, and of course the fact that it can be folded neatly into a pouch when not in use. It’s the perfect bag for traveling! The pattern is wonderfully detailed as usual, with all the pieces fitting nicely together and very well planned for maximum support and stability despite its lack of a structure. This is definitely not a pattern to be missed!"




      Tester - Sam Harris
      Shop Link - Made by Erillant; Made by Erillant (IG)
      Machine used -
       Domestic/Vintage - Singer 201K
      Recommended Skill level - Depending on fabric - advanced beginner to intermediate sewer
      Cut and Sew - About 4/5 hours (I'm a super slow cutter and like to take my time sewing)
      Material used -
      Main Exterior Fabric is PUL fabric from Material Magic, contrasting fabric is weather resistant canvas from Spotlight. Interior is Ripstop fabric from Spotlight.  Extended backpack straps with D Rings and stabilizer used is Pellon flex foam.  Wearer is 170cm (about 5ft 6).


      "This is definitely a must have pattern and a must have bag for day trips/ travelling. The pattern is really easy to understand, fun to make and I've one again managed to learn a few tips and tricks from it. This backpack is so functional, it can fold down super small and is light weight, making it perfect for when you're travelling or going on daytrips. I'm blown away by the thought that went into planning the pockets, each pocket has a use and the whole bag is exceptionally functional. As a mum to 2 young kids, I can even see this bag used as a nappy bag as it has sooo much storage. I love this backpack!"



      Tester - Mui Yan
      Shop Link - Aderry Craft
      Machine used - 
      Domestic. Juki HZL-LB5100
      Recommended Skill level - Advanced Beginner
      Cut and Sewing - 4 hours
      Material used - Waterproof fabric with Extended backpack straps with D Rings.  Wearer is 5'4" (162 cm) tall.

      "ZipN'Travel Backpack is such an ingenious bag that can be kept into its own pocket! I have never seen any pattern like this and the design just wows me. The backpack offers zipper pocket galore and there are interior slip pockets too for organisation. I think I have found the perfect travel backpack!! 😍"



      Tester - Sheila Charrette Kvern
      Shop Link - Sheila's Sewing
      Machine used - 
      Brother LB6959 combo sewing/embroidery machine
      Recommended Skill level - Advanced Beginner to Intermediate
      Cut and Sew time - 7 hours
      Material used -
      Sew Creative (Scarlett’s book covers); Zor-Elle Spatter Zipper tape; Atelier Fibre Arts matte black zipper pulls. Extended backpack straps with D Rings using headliner foam.  Wearer is 5'10" (178 cm) tall.

      "This really is a magic bag! The way it’s folds into the pocket is nothing short of a miracle for a backpack with such a large capacity!"


      Tester - Susi Schuegraf
      Shop Link - Jungle Pearls
      Sewing Machine used - Bernina 790 and Juki dn 118
      Recommended Skill level - Advanced beginner 
      Cut and Sew - 45 mins cutting and 5-7 hours sewing
      Material used -

      Therxtex outside fabric therapy and wpc inside from bodeeoh, hardware AliExpress zipper amazon.  Extended backpack straps with D Rings with Pellon foam.  Wearer is 6' (182 cm) tall.

        "Another great addition to the travel series as who hasn’t been stuck out and about with new things!"




        Tester - Geraldine Tan
        Shop Link - Made by Starflakes
        Sewing Machine used
         - Domestic, Brother NV180K
        Recommended Skill level - Intermediate
        Cut and Sew - 8 horus
        Material used - 210D waterproof fabric and 75D with woven backing for lining.  Extended backpack straps with D Rings using ByAnnie's Soft & Stable.  Wearer is 5'7" (170 cm) tall.

        "This is such an awesome pattern! I love that the bag can be easily folded into the front pocket when not in used. It was easier than expected to construct the front pocket with the detailed instructions and lots of pictures to help. Side pockets on the backpack for water bottles are a plus too! ❤️"




        Tester - Karen Tay
        Shop Link - TK Embroidery
        Sewing Machine used - Brother 980D
        Recommended Skill level - Confident Beginner
        Cut and Sew - 1.5hrs Cut 6hrs Sew
        Material used -

        Water Resistant Polyster Exterior + 210D lining.  Regular backpack straps with ByAnnie's Soft & Stable.  Wearer is 5'7" (170 cm) tall.

          "Another Travel Essential ~ZipN’Travel Backpack~ So amazing! Big and Spacious! With the option to use reversible zipper pulls for ‘ZipnTravel’ or a Regular Backpack! Definitely a must bring with you for travelling!"




          Tester - Marybeth Haberman
          Shop Link - MB's Sew Crafty
          Machine used -
          Domestic SInger M3220 very basic machine
          Recommended Skill level - Advanced Beginner, intermediate
          Material used -
          Print WRC SewWeird , Solid WRC Purple Dragon , Solid black sport nylong Joanns.  Extended backpack straps with D Rings

          "Once again Jassie has knocked it out of the park! This bag is so much fun!! Pockets galore to carry all of your daily necessities and a handy store solution for packing it away when not in use. The pattern could be simplified by eliminating all of the pockets and still be fabulous for an extra bag for traveling."



          Tester - Tina Alanis Carbajal
          Shop Link - lilysminime
          Machine used - 
          Brother Innovis Essence VM5200
          Recommended Skill level - Very adventurous Beginner 
          Cut and Sew - 12-14 hours
          Material used - 

          WPC Cherry Blossom 🌸 print, 40D Ripstop Nylon and hardware all from Amazon.  Regular backpack straps using Pellon Flex Foam.  Wearer is 5;2" (157 cm) tall.

            "This was my first time sewing up a backpack and I'm a visual leaner when it comes to bags. Without the excellent instructions, I would have given up! Another excellent design by Sewfisticated Craft Designs!!👏 ZipN' Travel Backback will be your go to pattern for traveling. My absolutely favorite part is all the pockets available in one pattern and so spacious but small once it's folder in it's pouch. Over 6 pockets including the side water bottle holders to store all your belongings and extras. This small but mighty Backback will be traveling with me on our vacation and summer trips and will be sewing more as gifts! " 


            Tester - Breana Mayfield
            Shop Link - bmbcreativity
            Machine used - 
            Domestic. Brother SE425
            Recommended Skill level - Adventurous Beginner 
            Cut and Sew - 10-12 hours 
            Material used - 

            Exterior is canvas and interior is olyfun. All hardware and zipper tape from Wawak. The double sided pulls are from Amazon.  Regular backpack straps using Pellon FF-77. Wearer is 5'3" (160 cm) tall.


              "This backpack is a beautiful and rewarding project! It does take a little time and attention to detail but it is all worth it in the end. The instructions are fantastic with great pictures and the birthing method is *chefs kiss*. The packing design feature so that you can put it away when not in use is wonderful! !"


              Tester - Lacey N Aj Hegarty
              Shop Link - lucymaryshandmades
              Machine used -
              Juki DU-1181N Industrial
              Recommended Skill level - Confident Beginner
              Cut and Sew - 1 hour to cut and 3 hours to sew
              Material used -
              Fabric- Waterproof canvas Grogu print from Fabric Therapy, Waterproof canvas solid Fabric Wholesale Direct, zipper tape glow in the dark from Fabric Therapy, hardware- grogu, remote controller, boom box and stars from Indo Love Kreations.  Regular backpack straps ByAnnie's Sot & Stable.  Wearer is 5'5" (165 cm).

              "I believe the instructions were very easy to follow.  I love that it has so much space, and yet if we travel I can break it down and use it later without taking up a ton of room. It is the bag I didn't know I needed until now."



              Tester - Pawdicraft Singapore
              Shop Link - Pawdicraft Singapore IGPawdicraft Singapore FB
              Machine used - 
              Domestic Brother CS5055PRW 
              Recommended Skill level - Confident Beginner
              Cut and Sew - Cut - 3hr 40 mins, Sew - 20 hr 50 mins
              Material used -
              Fabric Therpy - Therxtex, Fabric Wholesale - wpc 600 D, Amazon - wpc 300D. Extended backpack straps with D Rings using sew-in foam.  Wearer is 5' (153 cm).


              "This is another awesome pattern. Love how the backpack can be zipped into a small pouch which save you room in the luggage and a good size to stuffs all your goodies in it. Even when the bag is stuffs with items, it still provide comfort to the carrier. I can safety say that the instructions is the best that I have seem so far. The instructions with the pictures has make it so much easier for a confidant beginner. A must have design."




              Tester - Alicia Lorenc-Johnson
              Shop Link - Alicia Lorenc
              Sewing Machine used - Industrial juki du-1181n
              Recommended Skill level - Experienced Sewist
              Cut and Sew - 6 hours wanted to make sure it was perfect but i think i can get it down to about 4.5
              Material used -

              Cotton canvas, hardware from amazon, inside material wpc from fabric direct.  Extended backpack straps with D Rings.  Extended backpack straps with D rings using ByAnnie's Soft & Stable.  Wearer is 4'7" (140 cm) tall.

                "I love the look and the pockets galore with a nice magic pocket to store the bag!"










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