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With the first testing done on FoldNZip Pixie and Travel, the need for Clear Vinyl is pretty obvious!  All the testers are in love with the FoldNZip and this pattern is PERFECT for a clear vinyl make.

It is a fast cut and sew yet looks so professionally made! It is probably my absolute favorite pattern to make with Clear Vinyl to date. It is a fast make if one is comfortable with binding method, and it looks so amazing as a gift or bags for craft show.


Machine used - Juki TL2200 QVP Mini
Material used -
Printed clear vinyl from Itchin To Get Stitching Custom Fabric. Zipper and vinyl - own. Donut Love pull from SCD/Sewful Therapy Notions & Crafts.


    Tester - Sew HoneyBea
    YouTube Link - 
    Sew HoneyBea
    Sewing Machine used - 
    Juki DU1181N 
    Recommended Skill level - 
    Advanced beginner
    Material used -

    Clear 16 gauge vinyl, Bridal Lace, Bridal lining from @aatextiles on Instagram. Silver vinyl from Joann's

    "I wanted to bring two of the things that make me happy together in this bag. Bridal Lace and lining with clear vinyl. This bag was by far my favorite. I encourage you to make one of these. I thought a clear bag would be limited in pockets and other details. This pattern doesn't disappoint. You're going to love making one of these. I know it :)"


    Tester - Shonda 'Ferguson' Andrews
    Machine used
     - Tech Sew 2750 pro industrial, modern domestic Brother Innovis 2400
    Recommended Skill level - Confident Beginner
    Material used -
    Printed clear vinyl and webbing from Fabric Therapy. Purple Boujee Dust vinyl from Sew Awesome Supplies.

    "FUN, FUN, FUN! This is such a fun and fast make. Adding just a little pop of color from a solid vinyl will highlight and showcase any clear printed vinyl you use. The Pixie is a cute bag all on it's own but making the Pixie in clear vinyl makes it even more adorable. If I could choose only one FoldNZip pattern to make, it definitely would be the Pixie in clear vinyl."

    Tester - Nicer Golebiewski
    Shop Link - SewNicely
    Sewing Machine used - Semi-industrial - Brother PQ1500SL
    Recommended Skill level - Beginner to intermediate
    Material used -
    Printed Clear Vinyl - Wizardry Stitchery, Glitter Vinyl - Backstitch Fabrics, Cactus Zipper Pulls - Alchemats.

    "This is a perfectly easy pattern!¬†¬†It is so nice to finally have a pattern designed strictly for clear vinyls in mind. I love how you can easily create a bag using this pattern in a short amount of time! So many options including crossbody style, backpack, use it as a lunch bag or for a fun everyday bag. Since this pattern is part of the FoldNZip series, YES, the bag can be folded for easy storage! I highly recommend for everyone to give this pattern a try to showcase your beautiful clear printed vinyls. ūü•į"



    Tester - Geraldine Tan
    Shop Link - Made by Starflakes
    Sewing Machine used
     - Domestic, Brother NV180K
    Recommended Skill level - Intermediate
    Material used -

    Printed clear vinyl from Bombsheller, pink vinyl from MyPunkBroidery

    "The Pixie Clear is a much quicker sew and has fewer pieces. It still looks as amazing as the Pixie and Travel!"




    Tester - Susi Schuegraf
    Shop Link - Jungle Pearls
    Sewing Machine used - Juki dn1181
    Recommended Skill level - Advanced Beginner
    Material used -
    Clear printed vinyl from Fabric Therapy. Zipper from Zipper Valley and pulls are alchemist and vinyl is MyPunkbroidery, WPC is local, webbing is moremeknow.

    "This is the cool hip addition to the FNZ."

    Tester - Jenn Hoopert-McGinn
    Shop Link - 
    Jenn's Homemadeology
    Machine used - 
    Vintage domestic Sears Kenmore 158.17550
    Recommended Skill level - 
    Confident Beginner
    Material used -
    Alien and dice clear vinyl from Nerdartistry, sliver 1‚ÄĚ d-rings from MoreMeKnow, peltex70 for base stabilizer.

    "I love how fast and easy this bag came together! And that this bag isn’t just a basic bag but was still so very easy to make."


    Tester - Gladys Tan 
    Shop Link - Chavanthandmade IG, Chavanthandmade FB
    Machine used - 
    Heavy duty domestic. Janome HD3000
    Recommended Skill level - Intermediate 
    Material used -
    Clear printed vinyl and clear no print vinyl, satin bias tape, zips and zipper pull from my own collection. Mesh fabric and interfacing from Sing Mui Heng.

    "I love how versatile this pattern is! It’s can be used as a lunch bag, picnic bag, wet bag, baby bag, cosmetic bag and so much more! Jassie’s patterns never cease to amaze me. She has once again made the construction of such an elegant and functional bag look so simple. The Pixie Clear is definitely something that you’ll want in your collection!"


    Tester - Thien Ai Hartop
    Shop Link - Ninja Crafts (FB), Ninja Crafts (IG)
    Machine used - 
    Juki 1508
    Recommended Skill level - Advanced beginner who is comfortable with binding.
    Material used -
    Clear printed vinyl from Fabric Therapy RX, clear vinyl and pink accents from MyPunkBroidery, bias tape from Hobby lobby

    "The Pixie clear is such an amazing size and design. And even though it’s clear it still has so many pockets! Great for a stadium or concert bag where clear bags are required. It’s not too small and not too big.  Very quick sew."  


    Tester - Cynthia Molina
    Shop Link - Dandelion Craft and Creations
    Machine used - 
    Domestic- Brother se1900
    Recommended Skill level - Advanced Beginner
    Material used -
    Clear printed vinyl from Fabric Therapy and shimmer vinyl from Bob and Jen’s Odds and Ends.

    "Clear bags are a most have. This patterns gives you the steps and instructions needed to succeed. This is such a cut clear bag to carry all you need to a game or concert."


    Tester - Karen Tay
    Sewing Machine used - Brother 980D & Brother PQ1500SL (for final assemble)
    Cutting Machine used - Cricut Maker 3
    Recommended Skill level - Confident to Advanced beginner 
    Material used -
    Clear Vinyl with Pastel Rainbow a coloured Vinyl as Binding and Base

    "Clear Vinyl was a super fast Sew! Very versatile with the colour mix as it‚Äôs on a clear vinyl! So fast till you can make it in bulk for Christmas gifting!" ūü§≠




    Tester - May Dee
    Machine used - 
    Domestic sewing machine-ToyotaSuperJeans J34 and Domestic - Brother VX880
    Recommended Skill level -
    advanced beginner/intermediate 
    Material used -
    I used clear vinyl and mesh fabric

    "I really love the clear vinyl version of the FNZ Pixie! It's so cute! There are 3 slip pockets and one zip pocket! At first glance you wouldn't even think how roomy it is, but it fits all my stuff!"



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