FoldNZip Travel



Sewing Machine used - Semi-industrial Juki TL2200 QVP Mini
Material used -
Kimmidoll CW fused with medium-weight interfacing. Base and Back Panel - Pink Lemonade Metalic vinyl from MyPunkBroidery.  Peltex 70 as the stabilizer.

Chevron Vinyl - own.  Peltex 70 as the stabilizer.



Tester - Nicer Golebiewski
Shop Link - SewNicely
Sewing Machine used - Semi-industrial - Brother PQ1500SL
Recommended Skill level - Beginner to intermediate
Material used -
Embossed Vinyl - Purple Dragon Fabrics, Mouse Head Magnet-Thumbs & Thimble, MMouse Strap connectors-Bob & Jens, Swivel Hooks-Emmaline, Mouse zip pulls - MyHandmade Space

"The pattern itself is AMAZING! If using vinyl for the exterior, I would highly recommend using a lighter weight fabric for the interior especially if using a domestic machine due to bulkness when attaching the binding."


Tester - Shonda 'Ferguson' Andrews
Machine used
 - Tech Sew 2750 pro industrial, modern domestic Brother Innovis 2400
Recommended Skill level Moderate to advanced sewing skills needed
Material used -
Front Panel and pocket lining is Cotton woven. Interior lining and outside pockets are canvas. Exterior whit is approximately 1oz leather. Binding is waterproof canvas. All printed fabric is from Ms. Fits Fabrics. All cotton woven is interfaced with Pellon SF101. Used Decovil 526 for the heavy stabalizer.

"The "Travel" version of the FoldNZip couldn't come at a more perfect time of the year. Traveling is going to be a bit easier having this bag as a companion to my carry on luggage set. Having a cup holder inside my bag is my dream come true, as I don't go anywhere without my iced tea in hand."



Tester - Rachel n Mark Massey
Shop Link - Massey Makes
Machine used - 
Industrial Juki 1181n  
Recommended Skill level Advanced Beginner
Material used -
Fabric from Shearmadness fabrics and vintage lace. Interfacing from Royal Pixie custom fabric, hardware from Moremeknow

"I love how many pockets are available for this pattern! You can really customize the perfect travel bag for everyone’s needs. Such a great size for traveling!  I really like the design of this series and your instructions are very clear with helpful photos"



Tester - Geraldine Tan
Shop Link - Made by Starflakes
Sewing Machine used
 - Domestic, Brother NV180K
Recommended Skill level - Intermediate
Material used -
Fabric from Hapa Fabrics. Woven interfacing and fleece were used.

"I love the FoldNZip series of bags! They can be folded flat to store when not in use. FoldNZip Travel features a front hidden pocket, a luggage sleeve and a drink sleeve. It's my first time making these features in a bag and the instructions were easy to follow with lots of pictures to guide you along."


Tester - Chera Phipody
Shop Link - Chera Phipody 
Machine used - 
Juki DDL 900A-S
Recommended Skill level - Intermediate 
Material used -
Faux leather and cotton for the exterior and waterproof canvas for the interior, foam stabilizer.

"I love this pattern and the design. This bag is perfect to put the essentials things when we have travel."





Tester - Susi Schuegraf
Shop Link - Jungle Pearls
Sewing Machine used - Juki dn1181
Recommended Skill level - Advanced Beginner to Intermediate
Material used -
Fabric therxtex from fabric therapy and turq vinyl fro punk embroidery, zipper and web from fabric therapy wpc is local.

"This is a great addition to the fold and zip as one is hands free."


Tester - Cynthia Molina
Shop Link - Dandelion Craft and Creations
Machine used - 
Domestic Janome HD5000 
Recommended Skill level Advanced Beginner
Material used -
Main fabric is CW from Backstitch Fabric and the stripes are Therxcloth from Fabric Therapy. The interior is also therxcloth from Fabric Therapy. All Hardware from Bedazzle and webbing is from Fabric Therapy.

"As a first time tester I did not know what to expect. It was a fun make and even more exciting to know you are helping a designer with things she might have overlooked. The features that are including are perfect which you can use all or some of your liking. Everyone needs a bag like this. Mine is being used as a diaper bag for a toddler that doesn’t need much. It’s the perfect bag to travel with a toddler."


Tester - Mui Yan
Shop Link - Aderry Craft
Machine used - 
Domestic. Juki HZL-LB5100
Recommended Skill level - Advanced Beginner
Material used -
Exterior: polycanvas and faux leather with stiff fleece batting; Interior: waterproof fabric

"First time sewing a hidden zipper pocket and the luggage sleeve while testing FNZ Travel. Always excited to learn new sewing techniques. FNZ Travel will be my perfect travel bag and come in timely for my upcoming holidays! :)"



Tester - Gladys Tan
Shop Link - Chavanthandmade IGChavanthandmade FB
Machine used - 
Heavy duty domestic. Janome HD3000
Recommended Skill level - Intermediate 
Material used -
Waterproof fabric, reinforced cotton denim from my own collection. Mesh fabric from spotlight. Waterproof canvas, interfacing from Sing Mui Heng. Stabilizer from Lye Nai Shiong. Silver hardware, zips, zipper pull from my own collection.

"Jassie’s designs amazes me every single time. The FoldNZip travel comes together so quickly, especially if you’ve made any of the bags from the FoldNZip collection before! As usual, Jassie always has something new to teach in every pattern that she releases. Every single detail has been so carefully thought out that the construction of the bag is seamless. It’s not just a travel bag - it’s great as a backpack, for cosmetics, for new mums, a crossbody bag. You name it, you’ve got it! Grab your Travel bag quick!"



Tester - Karen Tay
Sewing Machine used - Brother PQ1500SL 
Cutting Machine used - Cricut Maker 3
Recommended Skill level Advanced beginner 
Material used -
Sanrio Melody Oil Fabric + Medium Interfacing from SMH

"Another Amazing Bags under the FNZ family! I love it sewwwwwww much! Travel size is spacious, with front hidden pocket, back slip pocket and the luggage sleeve. Interior bottle sleeve to hold the bottle upright! Just like it’s name, Travel!!!!! Gonna be sewing more for gifts since it’s Traveling Period and Christmas is coming!!! Hohoho~~"



Tester - 
Thien Ai Hartop
Shop Link - Ninja Crafts (FB)Ninja Crafts (IG)
Machine used - 
Domestic and industrial. Started with the singer HD6380 and finished on a Juki 1508
Recommended Skill level Advanced beginner who is comfortable with binding.
Material used -
Fabric is from Hobby lobby, vinyl is from MyPunkBroidery. Interfacing was peltex 70 and woven weft interfacing from Wawak

"The Fold n Zip backpack was such an amazing design. I thought it was thoroughly thought out design. And then came along the Traveler and Pixie! Such a great style and size! Every pocket, every zipper, every part of these bags were perfectly placed to be function in each and every way. I love the bags!



Tester - Jenn Hoopert-McGinn
Shop Link - 
Jenn's Homemadeology
Machine used - 
Vintage domestic Sears Kenmore 158.17550
Recommended Skill level 
Confident Beginner
Material used -
Exterior: marine vinyl. interior: WPC. Stabilizer: Peltex 70.

"This bag combines my favorite backpack (the fold and zip) and my favorite feature on the HexaTote (the travel sleeve slip pocket) into one great bag that is amazing for travel! I can fit my iPad, my travel cup and toiletries plus more! This bag is great to take on a trip and great to be able to save room within your suitcase but yet still safely ride on your suitcase thanks to that amazing travel sleeve."


Tester - May Dee
Machine used - 
Domestic sewing machine-ToyotaSuperJeans J34 and Domestic - Brother VX880
Recommended Skill level - 
Material used -
Exterior fabric: faux leather+ waterproof canvas, lining: lightweight waterproof canvas, interfacing: iron-on fleece

"What I really like about the FNZ series is that it can be completely unzipped, folded, and can be worn in several ways: either as a crossbody, as a backpack, or as a handbag. The plus feature of FNZ Travel is that it has a luggage sleeve."


Tester - Sew HoneyBea
YouTube Link - 
Sew HoneyBea
Sewing Machine used - 
Juki DU1181N 
Recommended Skill level 
Advanced beginner
Material used -

Oh so pretty custom fabrics, AA textiles, Pellon SF101, Pixie Fuse, More Me Know
"I love this pattern! I was able to create a whole new look with techniques that I had done before, and yet each bag has it's own use, and has something for the whole family. This is truly a pattern series for every occasion."



Tester - Jennifer Laughlin Nassar
Shop Link - 
Royal Pixie Custom Fabric & Interfacing
Machine used - 
Juki TL 2000 Qi
Recommended Skill level 
Advanced Beginner
Material used - 
Royal Pixie Custom Fabric canvas fabric, Decovil Heavy stabilizer

"This bag is such a great addition to the FNZ line! I like that the back can be a luggage sleeve or you can leave it zipped and it's a pocket. This one is a great skill builder with the mesh pocket inside, bottle sleeve, and different way of doing the front. Definitely don't miss this one!"


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